Campers' Corner Singapore

It has has been a while since I have posted. Was back in Singapore recently and decided to make a video on my favorite outdoor shop in Singapore. Watch it how this camping store is so different from others.

Calvin has been a great host and one thing I got from him is a Titanium Canteen which I have been thinking for a while to buy one. Now he had sponsor me on and the video will be coming up soon how this setup saves me weight and space.  

GOPRO Hero 5 Session Action Camera

This topic will not be discussing the specification on the above subject, this you can find on the internet but more on my motivation on getting it which I have been scouting for months from Singapore, Taiwan and around the World. 

I do own a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, since then Gopro has been launching new models almost every year. One of the model that caught my eyes was the Hero 4 Session. Having use the previous Hero 3 Silver, the Hero 4 Session was a new kid at the block with build in waterproof housing and small form factor. 

Campers' Corner Singapore

I am happy that a good friend from Singapore who runs Campers' Corner is giving a chance for my son to work with them. Hope he can learn more about outdoor life. My kids had their adventure with me till they are 12 years old when I have to move to Taiwan.
When they were in Taiwan I still gave them the same treatment. Their first cycling trip in Taiwan was 120km from Kaohsiung to Kenting in a day. They been to many outdoor like Meishan Kuo and Maolin which was destroyed by 88 Typhoon in 2009.

Calvin Tay who now owns 3.5 joint has work himself hard since we met in the 90s. He also a big fan of Taiwan with many Taiwanese outdoor friends. There is one in particular he wants me to meet and his shop is just doors away from my place.

Now he is a dealer for US major brands like Marmot, Arc'teryx and others. Before I used to get MSR, Thermarest and others camping products from him. Now he even produce his own brand.

Last time I was there, Australian Search and Rescue team was there. Need not to say more, his reputation have grown worldwide.

Do drop by his place if you are in Singapore, he have a nice bar setup with drinks you do not expect to find. Occasionally there are talks from other adventurers about their trips. You have join their Facebook to get the details.
Pst.... he has free WiFi....password: ilovecampers
It was in my head since the day he had WiFi setup.....LOL

Thank you Calvin and Team for allowing my stay in Singapore pleasant and it was great to know new friends from Campers' Corner
Forgot to mention .... he and me shared the same birth date 24th Feb....How coincident??!!!!

Choosing Multi Tools

Frankly there is no such thing as best Multi-Tool, every tools suit every person differently. With more than 2 decades using Multi-tool experience, I have narrowed down to my needs.  

A breakdown on the Multi-Tools I have owned
Last couple of years of my usage there are 2 kind of Multi-tools, one for OUTDOOR / TRAVELING and the other for EDC URBAN SURVIVAL TOOL.

Best Traveled Places - Somewhere in Taitung

Outdoor Cooking With Almazan Kitchen

YouTube: Almazan Kitchen

I love cooking and have subscribed to many Youtube Channels including infamous Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. 

I found this Siberian YouTube channel few months back and was very fascinated, they started back in 2015 with home grown, picked and made ingredients. 

So all those infamous Chef can take a seat back. Today I will recommend this Channel to you guys, give us your thoughts. 

Click on the YouTube link above if you are interested. Anyhow here is a preview one of their video. Enjoy!!

Best Traveled Places - Somewhere in Pingtung Wild Hot Spring

Best Traveled Places - Somewhere in Kenting

Adventure Tip - Cycling in Taiwan

Yesterday I came upon a Youtuber Bicycle Touring Pro, Darren who had cycle around the world for a decade. His video is pretty comprehensive. The video discussion on his trip in Taiwan was informative but there are few points I personally felt it was better. 

  • Travel light
  • Camping anywhere in Taiwan is possible
  • Cycle counter clockwise around the island if heading the East Coast.  
  • Try not to be a Vegan :p