Happy Panda 快樂白沙露營區

NOTE: Happy Panda stops operation on 19 Sep 2012

訂房專線:08-886-7888 或 0972-776835
Price: Link
all photos taken from www.happypanda.com.tw

New kid in the club, we literally mean "Club", this clubbing beach facing camp site has all the facilities to throw a party. The kind of camping we might just party on the beach and go crazy. 

Located in Hengchun Baisha Beach, this is a new camp site and very well thought out layout. The ideal of beach camping under coconut trees just brings the tropical feeling. They offer various accommodation from in-house colourful RVs to tents. Pricing is a little different from others, a 2-men tent to 6-men tent are priced differently, also expect to pay for additional extension tentage.  

Solo MTB Southern Cross-Island Coastal Trip (Planning)

Read about the trip
Day 1 浸水營古道 JinShuiYing
Day 2 阿郎壹古道 ALangYi

Foul weather has sat in again and again and there is probably a typhoon this weekend. Personally I love outdoor activities during foul weather but for this trip, I have to be careful as I am doing alone. The rivers that I will be crossing might cause the whole plan to backfire and I might get myself trapped. So this is one time I have to respect Mother Nature. Anyway it gives me time to write and log about my planning for this trip also allow me to look into my gears second time. I do hope the rivers that I need to cross is not flooded after the typhoon. 

巨石咖啡露營區 Jushi Coffee and Bar Camp

Contact: 08-8869192
Fee: Adult NT200, Kid NT100, Tentage NT200
website link
Google Map
Features: Sun, sand 'n' sea
last visited: 5 Jun 2011

內獅溫泉 Neishi Hot Spring

Last Visited 1 March 2011

Another wild hot spring exploration and this time it was much easier. Located in Neishi township, Pingtung County, this hot spring can be accessed by any means of transportation. From Provincial Expressway No. 1 to Fangshan Township 枋山鄉 take the easterly road towards Neishi Waterfall, around 8Km to the hot spring. You can't miss the hot spring as it is located beside the road. Morning you will find local aboriginal going for the hot spring and come later afternoon the local Han resident will be there. Best time to soak is in the evening when nobody is gone however we encountered one local resident coming to the hot spring at 1am.

哈尤溪溫泉 Hayou River Hot Spring

Two days one night journey on our mountain bikes in search of a hot spring on a river bed that has been raised 30mtr after the last Typhoon in 8 Aug 2009. No mountain to cross but countless of river crossing.

12 Feb 2011, total 11 bikers and our dog, Siboy undertook a journey that covered 16.4Km deep into the mountain valley and probably the only bikers that rode that deep inside.

紅柴水鄉營地 Red Wood Spa Lagoon

Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
Tel: 08-8869933
Fee: Entrance NT200 / Camping NT200
Google Map
Last Visit: 18 Jun 2010
Feature: Sea View Family Camping, Swimming Pool / Spa

安佳春渡假農莊 AnJiaChun Holiday Farm

photo from http://uukt.idv.tw
CheCheng Village, Pingtung County
Fee: NT200/250 weekday /weekend per person
Google Map
Feature: nearby beach, Marine Museum

沙島露營地 ShaDao Camp

photo from http://www.dotzing.com.tw
Kenting, HengChun Township, Pingtung County
Fee: NT150 per person
Google Map
Feature: nearby beach

蝙蝠洞露營區 Bat Cave Camp

DaMei Village, Mudan Township, Pingtung County
Tel: 0933621855
Fee: NT150 per pax
Google Map (not accurate but around the area)
Last Visited: 17 Feb 2010

左岸民宿露營區 ZuoAn Homestay and Camp

1-3 SyuHai Village, Mudan Township, Pingtung County
Tel: 0931942126
Fee: NT350 per tent / NT300 RV
Google Map
GPS: N22 11.618 E120 53.303
Last Visited: 18 Feb 2010
Features: Beach, SyuHia Grassland hike, free hot spring

旭海草原露營區 SyuHai Grassland Camp

SyuHai Village, Pingtung County 
Tel: 0910950196
Last Visited: 18 Feb 2010
GPS: N22 11.617 E120 53.044
Features: hiking at SyuHai Grassland, nearby beach or enjoy a free hot spring

旭海廢營區 SyuHai Abandon Military Camp

Located around SyuHai coast, this camp has been abandon for ages and apparently it became a tourist spot.

We found a vast site just below the camp and decided to put up for a night. There are no facilities around here however the next morning I found running water at the abandon camp. This would be a lovely place to view the Pacific Ocean if only the weather permits. Around the area you could hike around SyuHai Grassland Recreation Park or go for a free hot spa where we took our shower next day.

海口 HaiKuo BOV Camping

Found this lovely spot months ago but only recently I decided to stop for an over night camp. Located about 25km before Kenting, there are no facilities in this area so you have to prepare everything in advance. Since I have my Delica all set up, we sleep and cook in the vehicle. All I need is to find a good spot to park. The rest of the evening was spent on building a stone pit for the trash I have gathered around the area. The rest of the waste flammable wood was use for campfire.

穎達生態休閒農場 YingDa Ecological Leisure Farm

52 XinAn Road, Wanluan Township, ChangDe Village, Pingtung County
Tel: 08-799-0383

Fee: see picture
GPS: N22 38.732 E120 37.620

Feature: Wild life

面海露營區 Sea Facing Campsite

Kenting, Pingtung County
Tel: 08-8861215
Last visited: 15 Nov 2009
Google Map

Features: Sea view

原始林民宿露營區 YanShiLin Homestay and Camp

238-2 Ping E Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
Tel: (08)8851072
Fee:Kid NT100 / Adult NT150
Google Map

Features: Quite camp area, wireless Internet connection

清涼露營區 QingLian Camp

Kenting, Pingtung County
Tel:08-8851509 / 08-8851648
Fee: see below
Google Map
Features: Located at the heart of Go-Kart Center, coconut trees camp area

大圓山露營區 DaYuanShan Camp

near Kenting Town,Pingtung County
Tel: 0915275413 / 0915001649
Fee: NT100 per pax
Google Map
Last Visited: Jun 2009; Sep 2009, 16 Oct 2009, 24 Oct 2009(BBQ Party)
Features: Sea view, natural enviroment and plenty of recycle material!!

客醉山莊 Ke Zui Villa

No.6 Yi Lin Duan, Lai Yi Village, Pingtung County
TEL: 08-792-0297
Fee: NTD100 per head
Google Map
Last visited 26 Jul 2009
Features: River camping, trail to YuanYang Waterfall

賽嘉樂園 露營場 Saijia Recreation Area

NOTE: Campsite CLOSE for camping however it is open for BBQ
Updated 25 March 2012
Campsite reopen from 30 Jan to 9 Feb 2014
Might be in operation again after March 2014

Tel:08 799-2221
Campsite Fee: NT200 per ground. No admission fee.
Google Map
Last Visited: Jun 2009
Features: nearby fruit plantations, nearby water theme park and well maintained campsite