Locus Map Pro and My Maps

Google has created a new world of mapping, My Maps is such. Using My Maps I have created a vast numbers of camp area and POI around the island Taiwan. 

However for travelers using My Maps can be expensive as it requires Mobile Data Coverage. Hence I am currently using Locus Map Pro version, there is a free version but since it does a better job compare to my Garmin which I sold it away, it was a worthwhile investment for the Pro version. I am a mapping addict!! 

Locus Map has been highly rated in Google Play Store. Anyone who needs offline maps, Locus Map is the way to go. There are tons of offline Worldwide Maps (see link below) otherwise you can download from their Pro version to your smartphone directly. 

Apple iOS, many might felt that is the best Smartphone but to serious travelers it is just a good camera phone, their mapping still have not taken shape. Android smartphones are the choice for travelers especially you have developers like Locus Map, accessible to offline Maps. You can track, navigate, check your speed, elevation etc. 

So how do I use My Maps and Locus Map? Create your POI (point of interest) on My Maps. Download the KML files to Dropbox, from there using Locus Map Dropbox add-on and you have it on Locus Map, simple as that.

Downloaded Locus Map POI

This info was created on My Maps, still can be viewed in Locus Map

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