Taiwan Outdoor Day Trip and Campsite Review At MeiShan Kuo

Just a day trip to northern Kaohsiung, have not been there for years. Just a short video on this trip and a view of Meishan Kuo Campsite.

PS found a wild campsite by the river ...Hehehe

Toko Indonesian Al Fasanur Resturant

Located in Kaohsiung City, NanHua Road just across the old train station.
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Camping At 得恩谷生態民宿 DeenGorge Guesthouse Camp

Last Visited : 22~24 Feb 2016
Location: Moalin, Kaohsing 高雄縣茂林鄉茂林村138號
Contact: 0940270061
Rating: 4.7/5
Price: $600 for a campground, Uphill 14 spaces (not our fav), downhill 18 Spaces where we camped. Guesthouse starts $2500 from 3 to 7 occupancy

Over the years I have camped many spots, this place was my planned camping area 3 years ago until now I have finally fulfilled it. I will rated this as my top 10 camp area, which ran by an aboriginal family. The son BIG HEAD really loves music by still takes order from the mother.

From my understanding this camp site has been in operation for the last 10 years and we can still see today they are improving the camp area. The whole area is well kept and maintained, water supply to the area can be limited during dry season. 

The last time in Maolin was 2009, 88 Typhoon Disaster helping to give the local supplies

Camping Failure 1

20 June 2009, we found this newly built hot spring camp site by chance. It was located in Kaohsiung, Laonong River 荖濃溪. It was not ready at that time but expected to open in few months time. It was really lovely, camping by the river and hot spring pool facing the mountain. 

We were planning to be the first to visit the camp area but then came Typhoon Marokot on 8 Aug 2009 and swept it all away. What a pity!!! Tell me if this camp area beautiful???!!! 

美綠生態園 Meilu Ecological Garden

Friend's invitation to join them camping at this garden camp area.  Located in Meinong, Kaohsiung, the camp area is very well shaded with trees and ample space for big group camping. The camp site has power outlet and a common washing area. The feature of this camp area is their in-house garden which is very well laid out and taken care. 

Fee: NT500 per tent
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Last Visit 24 Mar 2012

石洞溫泉營地 Shidong Hot Spring Campsite

Update 20 Mar 2011
Shidong Campsite took a renovation back in Nov 2010 and reopened in Feb 2011. The new fee for  camping is NT300 per person including usage of hot spring. I must say the renovation is a success and the spa pool with 4 integrated pools offers different water temperature does have a 5 star feeling. Little changes is done to the camp ground except the relocation of the toilet and shower area which is nearer to the camp ground.

田庄休閒農場 TianZhuang Leisure Farm

photo from http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/lee-0211
Niaosong Township, Kaohsiung County
Tel :07-7310457
Fee: NT150 per person
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Feature: farm camping

拉比尼亞山營地 LaBiNiYa Shan Camp

Sanmin Township, Kaohsiung County
Tel: 0939189862
Fee: NTD150 per pax
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Feature: scenic mountain camping

鹿家莊休閒農場 Deer Leisure Farm

photo from 鹿家莊休閒農場
AhLian Township, Kaohsiung County
Tel :07-633-3230
Fee: no info
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Feature: Deer farm camping, deer cusine

蘇羅婆溫泉度假村 Solobo Hot Spring Hostel

photo from 蘇羅婆溫泉度假村

Liukuei Township, Kaohsiung County
Tel :07-6881405 Fax :07-6881408
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Feature: hot spring camping

Camp area was damage during 8 Aug 2009 disaster. Please contact 07-6881405, 093339478 for more information  

梅山口營地 Meishan Kou Camp

Highway 20 near Meishan Kou Visitor Center
Fee: Free for all
Last Visited: Jan and Jun 2009
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玉穗溫泉 YuSui Hot Spring

Along Sothern Cross Island Highway 20, Kaohsiung County
Tel: 0933284413
Fee: NT100 for Hot Spring / Camp NT50 per pax
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Last Visited: 21st Jun 2009
Features: natural hot spring, river camping

寶來溫泉山莊轄區 BaoLai Hot Spring Village

36 BaoLai Village, LiuGui Township, Kaohsiung
Tel :07-6881717 Fax :07-6881277
Fee: NT300 Camp / NT250 for Spa usage per pax
Last Visited: Dec 2009, Jun 2009