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Their Adventure Journey Blog
2014 Youssef and Sophie 
Bikepackers from Morocco and France met with us for a Beer


  1. Dear Camping in Taiwan !

    Thanks for this great blog. We are Sophie and Youssef, from France and Morocco, cycling around Taiwan since 3 weeks (and travelling around Asia since one year and half).

    We are very greatfull for the great informations you posted on your blog. We downloaded all your maps on our GPS, and are following your route.

    Also, we will be in Kaohsiung in 2-3 days, and were wondering if we could buy you a beer (if that is where you live, since it is on your adventure map :) ).

    Here is our email : and our blog

    looking forward


    sophie and youssef

    1. Thank you guys.... have replied to your email.
      Looking forward to hear more about your adventure

  2. Hope the beer is cold and refreshing! Thanks so much for the great website, really appreciate how informative it is! Am looking to hike/surf Taiwan this July with my kids, would love to know if you are running any groups that we might be able to join up?