Plans for Campervan Delica L300 4WD Rebuild Part 1

 Hi guys it has been a while.

Today we will talk about campervan rebuilt. Yes I am in position to talk about it since we owned it in 2010 a 1997 L300 Delica 4WD. We chose an Auto transmission and she was registered as a cargo van. Less tax.

We have been traveling around Taiwan many time until she was let to rot for the last 7 years. Initially I wanted to sell it but my transmission KO. Got it fix last year and suddenly the price of this vehicle sored. So we decided to make her better for our own use. She was in 2 workshops both for 3 months each.

So in this topic we will discuss our plans

First thing first, living in the Van we need to cook, poo, shower, electricity, internet, we have all these bases covered. Unlike the locals where they only go camping for a day. For us it can be weeks or months. Since for the last 2 years we been migrating to Taichung for Wind Farm work and we have plans to rent out our Kaohsiung house and we will live in this manner, 6 months work, 6 months traveling.

We will keep our van very simple and light but plenty of storage. So the plan has proceeded. We have already sent the Delica L300 to the paint shop and the other workshop had all her fluids, brakes and AC fixed. There are 2 more workshop to visit, one is the under carriage paint shop for rust prevention and her interior redesign to our specification.

I can't say much where you are from but in Taiwan we have 7-11 everywhere. Hot water, toilet, microwave, etc. You can even camp right beside them so we do not need a 60lts water tank nor a 300amp battery. We keep electrical appliances to the minimum. 

Before we have her redesign, we took measurements of her interior. Then we go around the stuff we bought like the Poo tank, Fridge, water tank and sink.

We later drew a rough sketch of the carboards and storage area. Also on the sketch a detail measurement was drawn out scale 1:100 on an A4 (not shown)


We bought a 500W Bluetti Battery and a 100W Foldable Solar. We also have a 35lts fridge which can last for 4 days using the 500W Bluetti if we set around 3 degrees. All our gadget will be mostly 5V. There is no internal wiring, no switches and our light comes from USB magnetic camping lamp which has mosquito lamp.

We do not carry a laptop but a phonebook that connects to Samsung Dex using our Unlimited 5G phone. The only 12V items will be our portable rice cooker and the fridge. Both able to use 110V


We have a 25Lts water tank which can be use both outside and inside the van. We have a small sink with a USB Tap. The grey water will be going in the Poo tank for flushing. For shower we have a USB charged shower and the changing room tent. We have a MSR water filter so we can get water in the wild.


We can do both inside or outside cooking. If there is frying to be done then it is outside. We have design the Campervan table to be mobile and when not in use it will stored above the fridge giving  us a long counter top in the van. It can be used rear and both left and right central door ways. The whole countertop and table we set it as 60cm heigh so we can rest our arm. (Very Important)


We have designed a 1 meter long platform that have interior storage below that can be accessed from the top. There will be a approx 100x80cm interior storage drawer at the rear but it can only pull out to 50cm. The rear drawer is to storge less use item like backpacks and others. We have it planned there is no divider in the drawer coz you never know your storage equipment size the next time.

To compensate the length of the bed, we will be using folding storage boxes of 35cm high. These boxes can be used as a chair. Our bed will be our Therm-a-Rest mattress that can also double as a chair. The platform and storage boxes will give us sufficient height sitting in the van.

You will see in the later video when all is finished. The amount of space and storage we will have.

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Overall cost at current

Interior NT74, 000 with Pine wood counter and both side overhead storage

Repair NT80, 000

Paint NT50, 000 only exterior

Tires NT12,000

Vehicle at time in 2010 of purchase NT120 ,000 

Oh yea recently the vehicle was installed with anti thief alarm and remote control locking system 

Xiaomi 70mai forward and rear camera was also installed (DIY). Very simple.