Samsung Screwed Up My Phone

I have never been a Samsung fan, Sony have always been my choice for last 15 years. Back in Singapore 2016 my son had a Samsung S7 and he had made me change my mine. Back then Sony did not have the phone of choice so I have decided to purchased a Samsung S7. 

The S7 was my adventure tough phone, made videos, Navigate, edited videos for Youtube, entertainment  etc. Recently due to poor anger management I have damage the screen.

So the phone was sent for replacement screen and when it came back the led and sensor was not working. Back it when for service and when it returned I asked if the phone is still waterproof and I did not get an answer. I decided to put it to the test and it failed!!

The service center called and told me the phone could not be repaired and they can't do anything about it!!!

Moral of the story if you send your phone for repair it is best you check with them. I made this video so everyone around the world can take note about this problem. As for me now if I do not get an answer I will bring this to Consumer Association. 

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