GOPRO Hero 5 Session Action Camera

This topic will not be discussing the specification on the above subject, this you can find on the internet but more on my motivation on getting it which I have been scouting for months from Singapore, Taiwan and around the World. 

I do own a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, since then Gopro has been launching new models almost every year. One of the model that caught my eyes was the Hero 4 Session. Having use the previous Hero 3 Silver, the Hero 4 Session was a new kid at the block with build in waterproof housing and small form factor. 

I was still reluctant at that time to pay for Hero 4 Session because of the pricing, everyone was complaining about it. GoPro did drop the price. 

In late 2016 GoPro launched 4 products in their line. The Hero Session previously name Hero 4 Session, Karma Drone, Hero 5 Black and Session. 

At the launch the price was pretty decent $299 for Hero 5 Session but that you can only get it from the States. Prices elsewhere was shocking, in Taiwan the price was $100 more, Singapore was SGD486. 

Finally I found from eBay the Hero 5 Session for $289 + $5 shipping from Hong Kong. I could not resist the temptation and with 3 clicks on the mouse. GoPro Hero 5 Session arrived by DHL at my doorstep 3 days later.... WOW!!!! (The seller since then have change the pricing to $299 shipping remain the same)

No doubt the Hero 5 Black is much better and cost $100 more than the Hero 5 Session but I am looking for size, weight and small form factor. 

HERO5 Black: 4.2oz / 118g 
HERO5 Session: 2.6oz / 73g

The Hero 5 Black was just merely Hero 4 Sliver and Black combine plus a incorporated  waterproof housing. So there was not much changes. However the Hero 5 Session compare the earlier model it took drastic changes, the upgrade of  voice command, 4K recording and image stabilization was worth putting the $$$.

I have yet to test the new GoPro but the material design was simply awesome, sadly it has a 1000mAh which said to last for 2hrs. So I will need to explore option like how to constantly power the device using 12V Bike / Car battery or Portable Battery while still recording. That was possible on the GoPro Hero 3 Silver. A 32Gb class 10 micro SD Card will be sufficient. 

In future topic will discuss how to use Smartphone, 2.5 portable HD to transfer media to free up space on the GoPro or any Camera devices for any Outdoor Adventure. 

PS Previously GoPro 3 Silver was ordered from Hong Kong. Please do not ask where I bought from, go to eBay and find out.