Gear Review AMG Titanium Cookset Medium Size

This is another Titanium camping inventory added to our gears. So far the first impression was good, the quality was well built. I did order the Evernew Titanium DX3 which has a 1300ml pot, good enough for 2 person camping but soon realised the Evernew with non-stick coating cannot withstand extreme heat but I am glad the Japanese seller told me was out of stock. 

AMG stands for Authentic Mountain Gear, they are specialized in making outdoor Titanium products for other company. The company is based in Inchon, South Korea. Now they have decided to market their own and this is just one of them. As for price, this is one of the cheapest Titanium product you can find in the market. All their products provided free shipping. 

I highly recommend not to buy any non-stick pot expect for fry pan. All coated non-stick cookset cannot withstand high heat, their coating will eventually peel off. 

Anyway this is my video below how I am going to Ultralight setup for 2 person. This setup will be used for hiking, bikepacking and overseas backpacking trips.
On their web there is English version just lookup at the right corner.

Fry pan or Lid: 400ml dia 
Pot : 1250ml
Weight: 200gm.

Correction on my video price, I have paid USD34 but on their website is only USD30 at this time publishing.