Sangyang SYM SB300 Big Wolf 三陽 大野狼

Before I write my view on this local production bike, let me share with you my experience. It took me 3 years to get a full motorcycle license in Singapore, it's not I am a slow learner but we have a system. The first year bike license will be limited to 200cc, if no traffic offence after one year next level 400cc and a year later unlimited capacity.

I have been riding for decades from Super Sport Bike speeding at 260km/h till found love on Dual Sport Bike, Aprilla 650 Pegasus and  BMW650GS which brought me 3000km to Thailand and later downgraded to KTM200EXC.  

I have not been riding a clutch bike for a decade, my current Yamaha BWS 125 Scooter all tune to Dual Sport have seen unfortunate event....Losing my buddy of 5.5 years who never fails to join me in any adventure. It was a knife in my heart.

Back to the topic, many locals felt this SB300 Big Wolf is overpriced. My view I have done my research, most parts are local manufactured including the Maxxis Tires. Comparing to Singapore bike price for a 250cc, which cost 1.5 times more. Big Wolf SB300 year 2016 which I paid was 192,000NT, that is less than SGD9000 including 3rd party insurance. 

Reason I decided get it because the price is pretty decent from where I am from and local imported bikes are 80 percent over price due to taxes. Another factor was parts availability. More importantly, I can ride like in Singapore or South East Asia and join in the car lanes. I am not interested in getting a Red Plate bike that is 550cc and above because Taiwan road have little option to full throttle. Age have caught up so it time to slow down. Yeah Taiwan has a wired Biking system....!!

Overall the SB300 felt very comfortable to ride, the suspension both front and back was well tuned for my weight 60kg. The seat height is just right for my partner who is only 164cm tall. Personally anyone above 175cm hight might feel the bike is too low. 

The gearing ratio 15 front and 42 rear was perfect for street riding, it can easily hit 100km/h in 3rd gear. Maker claimed the bike top speed is 147km/h but yet to try it.

There is not many complain about this bike except the color combination was a little odd. I have the Matt Black version but the front and rear fenders are both gloss, there is chrome here and there which I felt was a total miss matched, the handlebar came in silver.....DUH!!

Anyway enjoy my first initial review on this bike. Stay tune as I will revamp this bike to a Camping Tourer Scrambler and add on luggage system from my Bicycle Panniers all with minimum cost.


PS I will provide more technical specification on the bike after I set her up


  1. Hey,

    How is the bike now, and have you Changed anything?

  2. Hey, I have the SB300 in Taiwan too since it came out. Great beginner bike and great to ride with passenger in Taiwan mountains. Just having some issues with the clutch at high RPMs. Also planning to scrambler it a bit at some point

  3. Great review. Sb300 192000 plus extra for ctash bars and paniers. Maybe change handlebars. Go pro and phone and off.