Fire Maple Ultralight Mini Table FMB-913T

Pack Size: 38 x 15 x 2cm
Unpacked Size: 37 x 25 x 11xm
Wight: 437gm
Cost around USD30

Snow Peak has an identical table however they came out withe version 2 that has hole on the table top. Both Snow Peak and Fire Maple table are made in China but Fire Maple cost much lesser.

Some hikers might not agree of taking along a table during their hikes as it takes up space and weight. That I will have to agree. However I see the need for motorcycle and bike camping or mini car camping as there is more space to stuff the table. 

We added this table to our inventory for the sake of more table space. Otherwise it function well as an outdoor picnic table. On the last 2 photos, it was easy to tie down to below my Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack and ride on. 

Another option for hiker instead of getting this table, craft cutting board works well for uneven ground. It help to keep the cookset stable on rocky ground.  

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