Camping At 得恩谷生態民宿 DeenGorge Guesthouse Camp

Last Visited : 22~24 Feb 2016
Location: Moalin, Kaohsing 高雄縣茂林鄉茂林村138號
Contact: 0940270061
Rating: 4.7/5
Price: $600 for a campground, Uphill 14 spaces (not our fav), downhill 18 Spaces where we camped. Guesthouse starts $2500 from 3 to 7 occupancy

Over the years I have camped many spots, this place was my planned camping area 3 years ago until now I have finally fulfilled it. I will rated this as my top 10 camp area, which ran by an aboriginal family. The son BIG HEAD really loves music by still takes order from the mother.

From my understanding this camp site has been in operation for the last 10 years and we can still see today they are improving the camp area. The whole area is well kept and maintained, water supply to the area can be limited during dry season. 

The last time in Maolin was 2009, 88 Typhoon Disaster helping to give the local supplies

It was only last year they decided to take control of the camp area due to campers dispute on their size of tent. Now the have limited a 4 x 6 meters camp ground at NTD600 compare to before NTD250 per head. If you have a tentage that requires more space, you will have to pay extra for the space. So Snow Peak big tent do take note!!

Overall we like the feel of this place, we love camping on weekdays as there is little or no crowd, the whole area was to ourselves. We really enjoyed 3 days camping in this area, owner mama decide to offer NTD500 instead of NTD600 for the second day camp, she was really lovely.

They do have many activities from bakery to wild life education which none we saw but that did not matter, we needed a quiet spot. This was the first private camp site we have seen a vendor machine from beers to any drinks, watch the video!!

Priceless Lingzhi

For hot shower they have a wood burning boiler, normally the owner will heat up with raw wood but we enjoyed doing ourselves to get the water heater up for a bath, heating temperature from 38 to 40 degrees was good enough for us in this so call cold Spring Season.  

According to them the camp area is usually fully booked during the weekends so you have to make reservation. There are two camp area, the upper 14 campground and the lower 18 campground which we camped (preferred), in total they have 32 camp ground.

Will recommend the lower as on the video which have only 18 camp spaces. If you are not a camper they do have guest house built with traditional slates cottage to a communal cottage price ranging from NTD2500 and above.


  • Bring coins as they have vendor machine for Beers and other beverages.  
  • Power Supply is very limited and if you need it bring at least 15m cable.
  • Call in advance if planning weekend or peak holiday camp

We will recommend this place anytime of the year but the best time is Feb till March when the Butterflies BLOOM!!!

"大頭 BIG HEAD" the owner's son
He loves music (Let's Bounce)

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