How I Have Combat Cold

美利奴羊毛 Merino Wool

2016 Jan, Taiwan has not seen an extreme cold spells for 40 years throughout the island. As a tropical boy having lived 40 years near the equator, I have never experience such cold weather condition.  

Now I am living in Kaohsiung where the temperature did go as low as 6 degrees and some part of Taiwan saw minus, the rest of the northern low land went down as far as 3 degrees.

The lowest temperature I have encountered was in North East China with wind factor, the temperature was 1 deg. In Taiwan at HeHuanShan it was 3 degrees with snow. From both these experiences I have learnt my cloth layering was all wrong. Having thick clothing did not warm me at all.

Last year summer I have decided to renew my wardrobe, had spent around US100 for Merino Wool clothing because of the hot weather and the wardrobe was almost 2 decades old. My Giodano cotton shirts were fading colours and outdated for Taiwan weather, they were meant for tropical climate. 

After many purchase on wicking odor less wear which I have spend the $$, it still did not work out. When I was under Cambodia hot climate, these wear stinks right down to my feet. 

Back to the topic how did I combat cold?
Base Layer
1. Merino Wool sock with Wool Socks
2. Merino Wool T-Shirts with Giodano G-Warmer Long Sleeves
3. Merino Wool boxer with Giodano G-Warmer Long John 

left feet Merino wool and right second layer wool
The outer layer will be a fleece Top and Bottom which can remove or add easily and if the wind factors adds up, next will be breathable RAIN JACKET and PANTS is added. 

Hand Warmer
cheap Daiso Work gloves
Mistakes many made, they keep warm in thick wear but not breathable, these will accumulate moister and the likely place will be the toes which will be colder than most part of the body. Next come the fingers, I have use a cheap Nylon stretchable work gloves and a wool gloves, if it goes extreme a leather work gloves but have not come to that point. 

Head Warmer
I have always wear a Ball Cap, so there are no issue. But during sleep when cold air gets into my nose, felt uncomfortable for the rest day, I would use a Balaclava or a Buff just to cover my nose.

This is my warming method so a disclaimer if you try it. Each have their own ways of keeping warm. Would like to hear your expert view  

NEVER go out in WINTER with
Down Jacket (most people feel it is warm but down must NOT get wet)
Over dress with wrong attire, thick clothing is not WARM

美利奴羊毛 Merino Wool is manufacture in Taiwan for branded goods but I chose to get it from China as the cost is lower, for a Merino Wool T-shirt it cost below US25.

 This article is base on Author view, if you have other view please share it. 

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