High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack

This will be a brief review on the High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack so it will be more to why and how I used a Lumbar Pack. End of the day is up to your opinion if you like my setup. Below there will be many photos of my setup.....so keep reading.

The pack when bought it comes with 2 water bottles but it did not last too long. There are few likes and dislike about this pack, for one the compression clip is on the top of the pack which obstruct accessing to the compartment, the other is the waist belt compression which goes over the water bottles. Other than that I do like that it has many compartments with a total capacity 8.9Lts.

I have been carrying Lumbar Pack for many years. The High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack is one of my favorite, the other is the  Mountainsmith Kinetic II Lumbar Pack which is smaller. Had done a review on it but not ideal for backpacking. 

Basically a Lumbar Pack is a bigger version of a fanny waist pack which have bigger storage capacity. In a way it replaces a Day Pack and function very well in many ways. Those days I used it to carry laptop, tools, stationery to work, it was so easy, just sling it to my shoulder and go.  

The High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack has few carry options, as a shoulder bag, Lumbar carry or attached to your main backpack front harness which is useful during hiking, this option will have to DIY which is relatively simple by using carabiners. One of my favorite carry option is over the shoulder. It gives the flexibility to swing the pack to the front went sitting down on a chair or needed to access stuff from the pack. However Day Pack you will need to remove the shoulder harness to access stuff which is rather inconvenient.   

One of the key feature I look for is tuck away waist belt, the High Sierra has this feature but not the Mountainsmith Kinetic II. So when use as shoulder carry, the waist belt doesn't hang around. Since both my packs have been worn down, I am looking forward to the 2nd generation Mountainsmith Tour TLS which have more carry options. Yeah...it does cost more but I am looking forward to tweak it. 

Currently High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack is out of production that is why I am not doing a review. However for Singaporean who wants to find this pack, you can head down to Changi Village. I have seen them last May 2014 in one of the shop houses beside the Food Center. It cost around SGD30 plus if I remembered correctly. Well that was the price I paid years ago. 

What do I carry in the Lumbar Pack? Basically all my much needed and important stuff is in this pack which I can easily access all the time. Carrying a Lumbar Pack has a lower profile making it easy to grab stuff. In my experience an 8Lts Lumbar Pack is good, more than enough to carry what is needed. 

Man's Hang Bag - It never leaves my sight, even going to the toilet. The best part is using on a flight, it is small enough to tuck away under the seat. Carries my reading book, water container, sleeping eye shades and ear plugs, electronic gadgets, emergency kit, jacket or my cotton Camel long sleeve when it is getting too cold in the plane..etc. You name it, all is in the Lumbar Pack.   

10Km hike around Lake Toba, Indonesia, notice the waist compression was not doing well, there is still a gab between my lumbar and the pack. 

When sitting down just swing the the Lumbar Pack to the front.

Lake Toba, Indonesia

Kep, Cambodia
 Easy access and does not take up much space when riding a bike. This is my OD cotton Camel long sleeves shirt. It has been with me since 1995 and have traveled many countries. Really cooling to travel near Equatorial places 

Koh Chang, Thailand

Angkor Wat 4 days 100km cycling around with this setup

6 days cycling around Penghu with Mountainsmith Kinetic II Lumbar Pack

DIY Hydration System 

2 Lts Platypus Hydration System with both hip and shoulder carry to lighten the load 

Hydration System in Lake Toba, Indonesia 

Lake Toba Mas Cottage, Indonesia with Aboriginal Batak owner, had good times together. This is the place to stay if you are heading to Lake Toba. One of our SE Asia 5 star budget relaxing spot however the road journey there is not that comfortable. From Medan, 6 hrs squeezing road trip and almost 2hrs boat ride but it was all worth it.  

Malacca, Malaysia 

Backpacking notice that the Lumbar Pack goes in first before putting on the main pack

 Mountainsmith Kinetic II Lumbar Pack in Maolin 2009 Typhoon Morakot Disaster Aid

 Using High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack in backpack style to allow the basket weight to sit on it. 

High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack

Lowe Alpine Lumbar Pack back in good old days heading to an overnight trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sincerely I do not understand why the need for a Day Pack. This is my partner carrying a Main Pack, Day Pack and a Shoulder Bag. I really do not comprehend why she was carrying so many stuff. In reality when she puts her Day Pack and the Main pack over her body, both shoulder harness overlap each other and the load bearing was not equalized, end of the day she complained her shoulders were aching.  

The Missing Statue of Angkor Wat
Thanks for your support in us, we hope to keep giving up to date materials to read about. Whatever is written here is from our honest opinion, no prejudice taken, it is all up to you. There are too many Outdoor Gears and Gadgets, it only through years of research, experience and investment only then we find what is suitable for us so here we share.    

Cheers to Lumbar Pack!!