Leatherman Wave Mod - Black Tactical

Black Tactical is completed!

From 17 tools Leatherman Wave now it is a 24 tools Leatherman Super Wave. 
Additional features: wood chisel, awl, nail extractor, steel cutting saw, hard wire cutter, electrical crimper and scriber tools. 

Since owning the first Leatherman Wave in 1998 when it launched, it has been with me round the world both work and play. I was tempted to purchase another Leatherman like the Surge where there are few features worth having such as the awl, powerful hard wire cutter, able to add a steel cutting saw was a big plus point. However the Leatherman Surge was too big and heavy. 

After many nights of internet research, came across Mutitool Forum and there was a guy that mod my dream multi-tool. He called his "Black Tide" a transformation between Wave and Rebar. My aim to be better than his and still retaining the 17 tools features on the Wave. So I decided to spoil myself and order Leatherman Wave and Rebar both Black Oxide. 

Was it hard to do the modification? Not at all just that a few tools were needed, a Torch, Rotary Tool and Security Torx T10 for the Wave. Before we start tearing both Wave and Rebar down, heat is applied to breakdown the thread lock which has been applied from factory. 

Once that is done, using Wave to unscrew the funny looking screw on Rebar and remove the Pliers from the handle. On the Wave just use the security torx T10 and remove the Pliers. Swaping both Jaws was easy and it fits like a pair of gloves.  

Once the pliers heads were transplanted, move on to some issues. The Wave scissors was too long for the multi-tool to be fully closed. Some modification was needed to trim it smaller and grind to profile using a Rotary Tool. 

Few other tools that were added or modified on the Wave, awl from the Rebar and the pry bar (flat head driver) which is useless and turn into pry bar / wood chisel / nail extractor. The awl was fitted where the original can opener was but some grinding work was done on the Awl. As for the flat head driver, it was shorten and a 45 degree angle of grind on the tip to create a chisel cum nail extractor  

Everything was secured back with thread lock. Here are some photos of the final assembly and if you are interested how the steel cutting saw was added you can find the post here. I have removed the bit holder for eye glasses however found a neat location that you can use the drivers, works like a charm.

As you can see the Wave is fully closed was not completely closed there is still a gap, some grinding work still needed on the Awl but for now this beats Leatherman Surge 21 tools and Black Tactical has 24 tools!!

Rebar back in action 

Here are some simple mod to carry extra tool on your bit holder. I carry a set lock picks and steel cutting saw.

Nite Glow