Leatherman Wave with Steel Saw Add-on

I have been scouting for weeks on the internet on how to add a steel saw blade on my Leatherman Wave. Most of the results came from forum.multitool.org and none of it really fits my bill.

Why do I need a steel saw blade? Since I am a handyman it will come in handy also I have read reports how a guy escape from his captive with a saw blade, so that is partly survival too.

The construction is rather simple and took me days to figure it out. Basically some carton box, super glue and clear tape. The reason for the clear tape so that it protects the carton that is wrap around the base of the saw and also to provide layers for tight fitting.

Well this is the first step to my upcoming Leatherman Project which I will combine Latherman Wave and Rebar to become a Super Multi-tool.

Below is a YouTube vid I have made, it will give you an idea how it can be done. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Sometime things can be that simple and we failed to notice it!!!

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