Southern Cross-Island Highway 20 before Typhoon

Last Visited: 21st Jun 2009

Before it was destroyed, this used to be a very beautiful area, We visited these places so many time. Too bad is all gone but just these photos. 

I enjoyed driving down Southern Cross-Island Highway 20. This route will take you all the across the island to Taitung. There are many things to see and do from camping, hiking, mountain climbing or visit the aborigial village. My plan was to go across the island to view the sea of cloud but there were few landslide at 140K mark.

This campsite looks interesting with hot spring pool but it is not ready for the public

bridge crossing

Kids crossing the bridge with torrential river passing by

Aboriginal glutinous rice with millet and pork. Pretty tasty

Meishan Kou

around Meishan Kou Visitor Centre

Post Typhoon drama... we managed to get by but behind us, 3 coaches had a problem