DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

These days we have been using our smartphone as GPS and Fitness Apps  instead of our Garmin Oregon 400t. I have been thinking how can we mount our smartphone on our bikes instead of stopping and taking out from our pocket or bag to use it or rather spend extra money on a Smartphone Bike Mount. 

So finally here I found a simple solution for both of us, a DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount and it cost almost nothing.

Materials Needed
  • Used bike inner tube (preferable 1.85 min)
  • Soft Foam

  • First cut a small piece of foam, size slightly smaller than the Smartphone
  • Cut a few pieces of used bike tube as band. The thicker the band the elasticity will be harder
  • Remove the bike handlebar
  • Loop 3 inner tube band as shown below and place on the bike stem
  • Place another inner tube band (this will hold down the foam)
  • Secure back the handlebar and check for alignment and we are almost done
  • Place the Smartphone and use the loop inner tube band and secure it. For larger phone see photos of Sony Xperia Z mounting method below

Final Words
Both our Sony Xperia Active and Z were mounted very securely. I have tried lifting and banging the front wheel down couple of times and both smartphones did not drop. I can't guarantee in off-road condition as I have just finished the installation, so if you do the same, it will be at your own risk. 

Both smartphones can be accessed easily without the inner tube band in the way. 

Another suggestion is to plug headphone so when you leave the bike aside, you will remember to take the phone with you.

If you worry the inner tube band might break, suggest you double the looping band for the smartphone

  • Hands free handling the smartphone
  • Able to talk while cycling with mic on
  • Able to check Fitness App Status
  • Able to check Map location
  • Lightweight installation

  • Might forget and leave the phone on the bike
  • No guarantee for off-road condition
  • Need to use clear wrap or ziploc for non-waterproof smartphone during wet condition


 Mounting method for larger Smartphone

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