Glo-Toob AAA Series

Glo-Toob has been in the market for more than a decade. Initially they made these signal lamps for the Military and Law Enforcer and now it is favourite for Divers and outdoor adventure sports. 

With the new introduction of the AAA series, it cuts down a lot of weight (34g) and size compare to earlier models. What is even better is that re-chargeable batteries can be used. Battery life span varies from 4 hours to 15 hours depending on the mode setting. There are only 3 settings high, low and flashing by twisting the waterproof battery cap. 

The signal lamp is waterproof up to 60 metres so basically can be used in any outdoor adventure sports. The signal lamp can be used as a camping lantern as well, ideally for solo and lightweight backpackers. However, there are more usage such as cycling warning lamp, night hiking signal lamp so partners can be easily located, pet collar lamp or as emergency lamp. If one little lamp can provide so many usage, it is definitely worth while investment. At the moment retailed price is around USD25.00 however we should be able to retailed at lower price.  

Currently they have 5 colours, Red, Green, Amber, White and Blue. So which colour should one choose is all depends on your usage. If planning to use as a lantern and not worrying about preserving Night Vision then choose white. The rest of the colours are capable of preserving night vision however only Red can be used at high light density with the rest of the colour needs to be on lower light density for night vision preservation. Green is the brightest light and can be spotted further away compare to Red when both on the same light density.

 In total darkness

Just tested on our dog, the setting was set to low because partners claims it was too bright on high setting. 

EDC lamp Red or Green??!!!

SCUBA Diving
Back-up light for SCUBA diving in low light conditions
    Night, cave and wreck diving
Second light source for underwater identification
    Can be placed on top of the dive cylinder so it can be seen from above
    Place it on or near a breathable air source like the divers regulator
Makes the location of a breathable air source easy to see in a low-light conditions
Use during Dive Lessons to ensure students are safe

Outdoor & Extreme Sports
    Place on a backpack zipper for a "follow-me" light
    Hands-free alternative to a flashlight
    Tent light
    Mark hazards around a camping site
Cycling & Jogging:
    Attach to pants or seat pole to draw attention to oncoming traffic
Water Sports:
    Can be used for any water activity as a safety light
    Attach to life vests or sides of boat
    Attach to a float when night fishing

Safety Light & Signalling
Early Morning / Late Afternoon Visibility
Emergency Kits
Night time activities
    Attach dog collar when walking at night
    Use during a roadside emergency
For Fun
    More environmentally friendly than Chemical Light Sticks

Glo-Toob is used by the military and law enforcement around the world, with uses ranging from marking personnel to avoiding friendly fire. 

Marking Hazards & Locations
Marking Targets & Distances
Illuminating Cache Drops
Training Exercises
Redirecting Traffic


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