Axeman Airpad

Just received this Amazing air mattress from China for review!! Ok that is not just what I wish to say. Have been using many mattresses from cheap roll foam, Z-Rest, tried NeoAir and currently owned 3 Therm-a-Rest mattresses. This Airpad is super lightweight 280gm and compact comparing what I had used before. 

At first glance, it looked like a cheap white trash bag from the can. But after testing it out and it was far more comfortable compare the rest I have used, even partner agrees with it. It looked similar to Therm-a-Rest NeoAir but only translucent however doesn't make much noise like NeoAir when moving around the mattress.

The only problem was inflating and deflating it, unlike Therm-a-Rest which can self inflate but then again, we still blow it most of the time. 

This Airpad is all manual and it comes with 2 set of cheap looking valves, one to inflate the other to deflate. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to inflate the air chamber which is almost similar to Therm-a-Rest NeoAir. As for deflating was the hardest however we found the fastest method was fold in half and roll it. It is hard to pack to the original size when it came but we are pretty satisfied with the outcome packed size.  

fold the top to use as pillow
It is 2 metres long and 60 cm wide. It will fit in most tent however if folded the top it can also use it as pillow, it works perfectly well. Now then, we save another weight from carrying a pillow. Overall inflated thickness is 60mm which is almost 2.5" thick. Manufacture claims the PET material is 75um thick which I felt it is and also it could withstand 200kg weight!! 

field repair
Do I trust this mattress durability? So did a damage test and inflicted a hole, well one can repair it by melting the hole and seal it since it is PET but instead I decided to use Gear Aid Tenacious Tape to repair it and works wonderfully well. But I do feel using a Park Tool GP-2 Super Tire Patch Kit will be better.    


original and final packed size

For the price that is 5 times cheaper, weights 280g  compare to NeoAir 500g and can be easily field repair, compact in size. The only down side are inflation and deflation but if one can overcome, it is one hell of a compact and lightweight mattress we ever seen. Quality is definitely no where compare to NeoAir. 

Life Time Warranty vs No Warranty sometimes I do not know which is better but if the price is a huge difference then I will know. If I knew this Airpad earlier, I would gamble with it instead of investing in Therm-a-Rest..... for god sake it only USD25 and do not take up much space!!!! 

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