Cambodian Hammock

Our backpacking trip in Cambodia had experience a Nation of Hammock people. Literately everywhere we can see them hanging around. Personally we owned 2 Hennessy and a Eagle Nest Hammocks, prices for these Hammocks did not come cheap. The Eagle Nest is a Double Nest version meaning 2 person can be on the hammock at the same time and build very strong.

Our Eagle Nest and Hennessy Hammock

After experiencing  different types of Cambodian Hammocks, we can't resist and decided to get 2 cheap Cambodian Hammock to try it out for ourselves. We were more interested in the Nylon version which looks more durable and pack light. Here are some Cambodian Hammock Photos


Our Cambodian Hammock
How much??? Dirt cheap!! 7 times cheaper than Eagle Nest and 17 times cheaper than Hennessy Hammock, 4 meters Nylon Ropes and a Nylon Hammock cost below USD10!

After observing the hammock construction which had really bad sewing, it seems rather easy to DIY. Basically it is a big Nylon material 260cm x 220cm, folded in half 130cm x 220cm and sewing the edges off. The area where the Nylon rope needs to ran through the hammock is reinforced with another material, Nylon rope used is 5mm thick.  

Setting up the hammock was rather easy, just need two fixed object and tying it off. Normally would give a distance between 3 to 4 metres between 2 objects and the hammock will hang perfectly snug. Overall the hammock do not weigh much, only 500g and packing it up was rather easy too, just release one end and roll towards the other end. 

After testing the Cambodian hammock, beginning to feel this is a better hammock compare to the other 2 we owned, it was both very comfortable to sit and lie down in. It does feel too big or too cramp. In our opinion, this hammock is ideal for people below 170cm and 90kg. Frankly we do not trust the stitching but then again for the price it a great add-on outdoor gear, fun to use around the city. 

Now we can really understand why the Cambodian takes their hammock seriously, it is a good place to rest from serious mid day Sun.  

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