Zefal Spy Mirror Repair

Zefal Spy Mirror had been our favourite bike mirror, it is small and can be mounted anywhere from handle bar to bike frame. Having a bike mirror is really necessary when cycling in the city so we do not have to keep turning our head back to check for traffic all the time and it is much safer. 

Having owned this bike mirrors for a decade, the mirror reflective coating had deteriorated and render the mirror useless. We have contacted Zefal and they informed there was no replacement parts, pretty disappointed as these are expensive mirror.

So for the last few months we have been searching for bike mirror and none came to our liking. We even try using a reflective solar adhesive and turn out rather bad. Finally came up with an idea using vehicle blind spot mirror and it work. So here was how we did it.

  Tried using reflective solar adhesive 

The vehicle blind spot mirror came with a 3M adhesive so securing to Zefal Spy Mirror was rather easy. We have carefully chose the right blind spot mirror size so it fit the Zefal Spy Mirror nicely.   

The surface of the Zefal Spy Mirror was sand-off so that the 3M could stick better on to the surface.

Overall it turn out better than the original Zefal, now we have wider rear view as the mirror is convex.

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