Alite Mayfly Chair

One of the most expensive chair we ever owned. The Alite Mayfly chair weighs slightly more than the Alite Monarch chair. Assembly does take awhile because of it's additional leg support. 

The chair is comfortable to sit on however we noticed it is very low. Myself weighs around 60kg and sitting on it my butt is around 2 inches from the floor. As the sitting profile is low, it makes getting out of the chair slightly difficult. 

Definitely not a beach chair, it will sink into the sand and ended up sitting on the sand instead, will need to place on a beach mat. 

The Alite Mayfly chair is slightly bigger than the Alite Monarch chair however it packed just almost the same size. Material is the same as Alite Monarch using 210D Ripstop Nylon and 7075 Aluminium Rods. 

So which chair do we prefer? Both, atleast after a few beer drinking session you will not fall back with the Mayfly chair.  

 without load

 with load