Akoray Mini Hand Torch K-106

During the last camping trip while we were heading back under the rain and in total darkness. Our Petzl headlamp could not shine far. We used to own the Petzl Myo XP headlamp and that was able to shine far but it was rather heavy on the head. Night navigation around the mountains can be rather dangerous if we do not have proper lighting, from our last experience we definitely need a Spot lamp.

Found this budget mini torch from Hong Kong that is suitable for our need. We needed a torch for temporary spot lighting, just to see what is ahead and above during night hikes.

The Akoray Mini Hand Torch is simply amazing, it uses Cree emitter which shine very bright. Uses only 1xAA battery, it is suitable to use with many types of batteries from normal AA 1.5V Alkaline to 3.7V 14500 Li-on battery, we decided to use TrustFire 1.5V 2900mAh Lithium battery as this hand torch will suck the juice very fast.  

Construction is of Aluminium and very well made. The lens is made of coated glass and comes with glow in the dark switch and o-rings which makes this hand torch waterproof.

The are 5 lighting modes, High, Mid, Low, SOS and fast strobe. The max lumens is 230 while our Petzl headlamp is only 80 lumens, this will provide us 3 times the range. However it will get hot if prolong usage.  

It doesn't come with any strap, only a pocket clip which is rather tight and hold well in the pocket.

Emitter Brand/Type:Cree
Emitter BIN:Q5-WC
Color BIN:White
Total Emitters:1
Battery Configurations:1 x AA/1 x 14500 Ii-on battery (not included)
Voltage Input:0.8~4.5V, 4.5V max
Switch Type:Clicky (Clickie); Glow-in-the-Dark
Switch Location:Tailcap (Tail-cap)
Mode Memory:Circuitry Features Mode Memory
Mode Arrangement:Hi 230LM > Mid 150LM > Lo 80LM > Fast Strobe 200LM > SOS 200LM 
Circuitry:Digital Regulated 1300mA Current Output
Brightness:230 lumens maximum brightness (manufactuer rated)
Runtime:60 minutes (manufactuer rated)
Lens:Coated Glass Lens
Reflector:Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Clip:Clip Included
Carrying Strap:-

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