Platypus Water Bottle Modification

Last few camping trips, we had tested our gears in the most extreme conditions, wet weather, hiking in the dark and filtering the worst condition water ever. 

First of all we would like to thank one of our CiT Fan, Way Point for bring up some ideas on our water filter. He was suggesting that we should add another filtering material just at the inlet strainer to prevent more sediment into the filter element and prolonging it's life span. 

When on with the idea somehow came up more modification for the 2 Litres Platypus Water Bottle. One problem we faced during wild camping trips, at time the water bottle could not stand up right properly due to uneven ground. While filtering water into the bottle it ended up the whole bottle fell flat on the ground, wasting all the effort filtering the water. 

In this Modification included
  • Water Filter Upgrading
  • Washing point Conversion
  • Hydration Bag Modification
  • Packing Attachment 
  • Hanging Attachment
  • Flat Ground Water Filtering

Water Filter Upgrading
The solution to add on more filtering layer on the strainer was easy. Way Point suggested using fabric material but soon realised our MSR Mini Waterworks Filter had a sponge on it, so decided to take the same idea. I have used a dish washing sponge and cut a piece out. Wrapped it over the inlet strainer and used a steel wire to secure, could use a rubber band but wanted it more firmed.

The soda cap fit the Platypus Water Bottle, this cap with an insert on the hose which was cut from an aquarium air hose connector is to prevent the hose from coming loose. More info can be found on this LINK

Washing Point Conversion
This mod is rather simple, all you need is a Soda cap, aquarium air regulator and 2 short length of aquarium air hoses. Make a hole on the Soda cap, the hole must not be bigger than the outer diameter of the hose. 

Insert the shorter hose follow by the regulator, both ends of the regulator can be used, it up to personal preference. The longer hose is optional too but it allow water to drain further.

Hydration Bag Modification
Previously I did mange to lay my hand on an adaptor for the Platypus Water Bottle. Using the Camelbak hydration hose, I was able to convert it into a hydration bag. Now the adaptor cannot be found in the market anymore instead there is a complete Platypus Hydration Hose Kit available. Having too many hydration hoses laying around, decided to try to make one instead. 

Found an old piece of Camelbak mouth bite adaptor. Using a Soda cap, made a 10mm hole, with some Bison Kit glue and glued the bigger end of the adaptor to the Soda cap. Not sure if it will hold, so far there is no leak from it.  

Packing Attachment
Packing the Platypus always poses a problem, normally we would use a band but after using the water bottle, the band is always missing. To solve this problem, I have attached a Ty-rap on the neck of the bottle with a band on it. Problem solved. 

Hanging Attachment
Using the Platypus as hydration bag has one issue, most hydration pack have hooks in it but the Platypus Water Bottle has no attachment for it. Solution was a simple mod, using hole puncher and Paracord. Punch holes on the bottle ends and secure it with Paracord. Now we can hook to the hydration pack and we could also hang it on a tree and use it as a washing or refilling point

Flat Ground Water Filtering
With all these modification, our problem is solved at last. There is no need to keep the bottle upright all the time. The add on regulator could allow us to shut the valve and using the hanging attachment we could carry the bottle upside down back to camp. 

Decided to mod the original Platypus cap instead since we have 2 pieces. This modification can apply to small Soda bottle and use it as alcohol bottle for those alcohol stove user. Another advantage which happened to us, when the bottle is full, most of the time we will wet the whole ground while pouring the water out. The regulator will prevent this from happening, flow rate is slow but it does the job pretty well however if using as a wash point, this will allow lesser water to be wasted.  

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