Nantou Sky Bridge 天空之橋

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Completed and open to the public back in Jul 2012, the Nantou Sky Bridge is around 204 metres in length and currently is the longest suspension bridge. We decided to detour our route back home and see for ourself how this bridge had cause a sensation to many.

When we arrived at location, frustration started to gather as there is no public car park, instead there were many private car parks which we needed to pay NT50. Ended up paying a NT100 car park fee. Advise, take the first car park you see.

After paying NT50 per person for the entrance fee, took some photos and crossed the bridge. Frankly we did not find anything special about the bridge, the aboriginal suspension bridges in the mountains were more interesting. 

The view was nothing spectacular and the return route took us through a series of stalls selling local produced. Probably the sensation was more for the locals as it helped boost their tourism. 

Note: We found out the best view of the bridge is on the last photo, be there in the evening for photo shoot when the bridge is lighted up. 

 Salted Goose Egg

 Bees and Honey

 Home made soap

 Tea Plantation

Final view of the bridge before heading back

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