Logos Trek Egg Holder

There are many cheap egg containers but somehow we landed 2 Logos double Egg container. Construction was very good except we found some smaller egg felt too loose in the container.  This container is ideal for short solo or partner camping trips but not for family however we found a solution is to get another set. Doesn't really take up space but it does protect the eggs.

One flaw we found was the container made too wide and some smaller eggs will rattle in the container. Found a solution by adding bubble wrap at the base of the container and that solved the problem.  Do we like it.... answer is yes. Carrying eggs besides car camping is not a problem but  other forms of camping such as hiking or biking, these egg container comes in handy. We have use the 6 eggs container before so we understood what was better. Logos Trek Egg Holder..Thumbs up!!

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