Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove Modification

This is ridiculous, the stove is not even half a day old and started making modification. The mod was rather simple, made few holes around the lower plating for better air intake. Like any Hobo Stove, the side walls should have holes so that more air can flow into the chamber and create a better combustion during wood burning.

However it was not so simple as it seems, the Titanium was really hard, drilling the first pilot holes was easy but when drilling the final holes, the drill could not cut properly ended with irregular circle shapes. Had to use a rotary tool to smoothing it out. 

 From base, took 35mm hight, holes 15mm from sides, estimated 60mm in length

 Centre Punched

 Pilot Holes

 Bad Drilling, material was really hard

Well.....Think that will do

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