Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair

We owned these chairs for many years, it a great camp chair and we love it. Using our existing Therm-a-Rest Mattresses, we could convert it into a lounge chair. We can set the chair comfort by deflating or inflating the mattress. The only down side for this chair is setting it up and it did not come with any stuff sack.

Setting up the chair we would first need to inflate the mattress. Using the Trekker Chair the mattress had to be inserted into the sleeves. Once both ends were inserted, using the middle webbing and secure the chair in place.

Next the 2 side straps can be used for seat adjustment, if prefer slightly lower sitting position just loosen the straps. Unpacking just do the reverse.

The chair itself weighs 300gm which is rather light. This is the most comfortable chair as we can fully stretched out our legs.

The idea of using the mattress to convert into a lounge chair was rather cool, this gives option for camp comfort after a day's hike.

The chair will not be suitable when the ground is wet or muddy, it will end up soiling the chair. Also if the ground is rocky and full of broken slates, we might ended up damaging the sleeping mattress. Most of the time we will have a mat under it. 

There are similar Trekker Chairs that do not require mattress, you might want to take a look on Crazy Creek Chairs.

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