Emergency Kit

This kit is basically a First Aid, Repair and Survival Kit that I have put together. Every once in a while this kit will be revamp or improve. Those days I used to have 3 different kits in each pack, now I have all in one. I have used smaller Ziploc bags so that the items can be properly organised. 

Do not under estimate this setup and every outdoor person including parents with kids should have one, a must have item for any trip. Personally this kit have helped us many times, in India during black out, in an off-road training accident when pain killer was useful. Daughter MTB accident and the bandages came in handy. In Thailand when Son had a fever and the kit had assisted and many other more incidents before.

Few years ago I wrote a post on my Survival Kit, I have since remove few items which felt was not necessary anymore. Below is my current Emergency Kit. Size 13 x 11 x 5cm total weight 460 grams.

 The right compartment are Survival and Repair Kit, the left compartment is First Aid Kit

 Survival and Repair Kit

   First Aid Kit


A simple Survival Kit must contain this lists
1. Fire
2. Shelter / Protection
3. Water
4. Food
5. Navigation
6. Signal
7. First Aid
8. Repair Kit

 FIRE - Tool Logic with fire steel, candle, matches and straw cotton with Vaseline coated 

SHELTER - Survival Blanket and 5mtrs Paracord

WATER - Aluminium Foils and Coffee Filter. The Aluminium Foil can be made into a bowl for boiling water, can be use for cooking too.

FOOD - Nails for making spear or survival darts also useful when camping on a wooden platform and the nails can be used as tent pegs. 

Hooks, weights and nylon line for fishing, nylon line was taken from a Paracord, can be used for setting trap and other purposes. 

P38 can opener did help when we were in an oversea trip, we bought canned food and the P38 did the job. A must have tool for Urban Survival. 

Steel Wire for snare trap and repair work. 

NAVIGATION - Pencil and Paper to write down notes or use for last minutes final words. Pencil can be used for starting fire. Survival guide to provide useful info. Compass on Tool Logic for navigation. 

SIGNAL - Tool Logic whistle, signal mirror and mini flash lamp

REPAIR KIT - Ty-Raps, Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Nylon Rope, Duct Tape and Adhesive Mattress Repair Patch

This kit is very useful when needed, have helped us in many ways. Putting up this kit require some medical knowledge and understanding. Refer to previous post on First Aid Kit, if you need to make one. 

Surgical or Disposal Gloves are very useful, use it when wet or cold with your gloves on otherwise for medical treatment

Triangle Bandage for broken bone, bandages for wound 

 Surgical knife, Alcohol Swab, cotton bud and safety pins 

 Medicated oil, insect repellent, lip balm, straw antiseptic cream for insect bites and a mini bottle antiseptic cream for wounds.

Various medication in smaller bags for ease of packing, write down prescription, purpose, expiry dates (I do not really care if it expires, solid medication can last quite some time). 


Beside the Emergency Kit, Petzl E+Lite, Leatherman and folding Knife will be in my EDC 

PS If you need any assistant in getting some of the items, do drop us a message. We might have some spares items 

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