EDC Everyday Carry

I have been carrying EDC for awhile since back in 2000 due to my work. Even when I am travelling, MTB or hiking, I will have the EDC with me at all times. Hated the idea that I kept forgetting to carry item when needed it especially when you place items in pants pocket. Sometimes the items in the pocket simply feels too uncomfortable.  

These days I have narrowed down the EDC just to a simple pouches from Flyye and DIY nylon webbing. At times I would still use the MagForce OCTA Versipack. It rather a comfortable pack, the only problem I encountered using it when driving, I needed constantly remove it from my hip. Also on backpacking trips I cannot carry it on the hip, the fully loaded backpack is in the way. However for day hike or biking, this is the best. 

MagForce OCTA Versipack with add-on

My configuration is rather simple using Flyye accessories and camera pouch, since I am writing Blog most of the time, the camera became part of the EDC. A carabinar to hang my watch. Any time when needed to leave the house, just pick the EDC pack up and go. Nothing forgotten, the only thing I kept forgetting is to place back the camera SD card after downloading. So now I added a 1G SD in it. 

These pouches will not leave me even when I am shitting it comes with me because the toilet paper is inside!! Another thing I always do is to divide stuff such as keys, or using money pouch and separate the cards.

Sometimes I would add the TMC M4 pouch for carrying water. 

 Having just this setup is idea for hiking while carrying a fully loaded backpack

you can swing the pouches around

 Pouches with fully loaded backpack and can still easily access needed stuff

Pouches not in the way while sitting down

Here's another

What is in my EDC??!!!

From top left: Camera, Handphone, door card and key, various cards bundled, mini ashtray, car key with whistle and mini fire starter, turbo lighter, spare batteries in ziploc, paracord or camera sling, Petzl E+Lite, lens cleaning cloth, Leatherman Juice, eating utensils and money pouch. One more item not here is the toilet paper, just finished using :)

Quitted carrying a wallet, they are bulky and if lost everything is gone. My cards are bundle in a bike inner tube band and the money is in the black pouch. I always separate keys so that you do not loose the whole bunch if careless. Door card and main door keys goes together.  

For hiking, I will leave all these behind in the vehicle and taking only the car key, insurance and identification card. Who needs a credit card and money in the mountains??!!

My must have items for any outdoor trip, Leatherman, Petzl E+Lite, Buck Selector Knife and a Turbo Lighter. Petzl E+Lite is a fantastic emergency lamp, this is my outdoor backup lamp.

Everyday eating tools, I try to avoid bamboo chopstick as they are chemical bleached and also the utensils in the eatery, never know how clean they are washed. Never like the idea to share utensil with anyone, it is one's hygiene. 

 Spare batteries for camera and Petzl E+Lite

 Buck Selector knife when needed to bring for outdoor. I can tuck inside the pouch or use the knife pouch. 

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