Doppelganger Outdoor Micro Folding Chair

This is the first time we ordered items from Japan, took 12 days to arrived. Found this mini chair amazingly cute, the smallest chair we have seen. Recently we ordered the Alite Monarch Chair, will be doing a review later. This will be an add on to our mini camp furniture when there are camp guests. 

The chair is amazingly light, the lightest we owned, weighing at 186g, packing weight is 198g. It packs really small 220mm x 115mm x 30mm. 

The pole legs are made of aluminium and the seat is of 1680 Oxford Polyester material. The stitching look good, on the outter layer it was double stitched. 

According to the specification, it can hold up to 150kg!!! Not many chair can hold such weight and for such a small chair it is rather impressive.  

First time setting up the chair was rather easy except for the last pole leg required some struggle.  Later realised the poles legs needed to be aligned properly only then all the pole legs can be easy inserted. The legs are using telescopic pole so it is rather easy to set up.

The chair seating height is rather low 150mm high and the seating area is small too, 18cm x 17cm. So far we tried, it was comfortable but not for prolong usage. The seating height is just right for us if making meals on the ground. We are still able to stretch our legs.  

This Micro chair is good for small butt people and kids, the height is just right for little kids. Ideal usage biking, hiking or fishing. Most of the time in a hike or bike, we would just seat on the hard ground to rest or making meals, with this chair it will be much comfortable. 

If you are looking for a decent ultra lightweight chair, this is the one. If you need to try out before making decision to get one. Let us know, we will let you try it out.  


If you prefer bigger seating area, this might be suitable 

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