CiT Mini MX Alcohol Stove

Partner said "make me a mini alcohol stove" so I did and here it is. The mini cans are really tough to drill and fit because of the angled base but somehow I managed.

The weight of the stove is only 10 grams. Both base and diffuser are 25mm, the inner chamber height was 30mm. The diffuser holes are around 10mm apart. I had my own template to mark those holes. The actual circumference of the can is 165mm or 6½ inches. Do you own measurement.

Initial test look impressive, once the alcohol was primed, the jet holes shot the flame up high. The max capacity of the alcohol is only 20ml. Surprisingly for 20ml alcohol it managed a burn time of 18mins. Tried boiling 400ml water it did bubble but not rolling boiled. Maybe I should double the size of the base and increase the alcohol capacity. project, more soft drinks.

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