Alite Monarch Chair

Alite Monarch Chair is a 2 legged chair, designed in USA and made in Philippines. For the size, we could consider these are our most expensive outdoor chair we owned. 

The Monarch Chair is not the lightest chair but still light enough for any hiking or biking trips, it weighs at 554 grams. It does packs small and does not take up much storage space. Overall construction is very well made, material used are 210D Ripstop Nylon and 7075 Aluminium Rods which is better quality than most bike frame set. 

Setting up the chair was rather easy, the chair frame are formed using the Aluminium Rods which easily joint together. The rods have colour markings so we knew which side the rod should be inserted. Only slight effort was needed to insert the last rod.

Packing the chair was easy too. The only problem was storing back the rods, it needed to be of certain arrangement only then the whole chair can be inserted properly back into the stuff sack. 

The chair is comfortable to seat in, can be seated in various position except we needed at least one leg on the ground. Some balancing will be required initially but after a while we got used to it. We could stretched our legs out and relaxed. 

The fun part about this chair which most chair do not allow is that we can rock and roll with it, the end of the legs have 2 semi-round rubber stopper which allows theses motion. 

There are not many disadvantage except when we got up from the chair, the fabric was laid on the ground. 

The other is packing the chair as we need to know how to arrange the rods back. 

Maximum capacity allowed on this chair is only 125kg so for any fat guy, this is not your kind of chair. 

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