Waterproof Tinder Straw

Here is an idea how you can make a tiny waterproof straw container for tinder. This will protect the tinder from drying for many years. In this tiny waterproof straw tinder, I can have as many as 25 times to start a fire. You can use it any time and seal it back. All you need is a bubble tea straw and some Vaseline. 

Here I have used cotton pads and cut into smaller sizes, if you prefer you can use cotton ball instead.  

 Place the cotton is a bag and add in some Vaseline 

 Thoroughly rub outside of the bag so that the cotton are coated with Vaseline 

 Insert the cotton in to the straw

Seal one end of the straw with a pair of nose pliers and lighter. Packed the cotton till it all reaches the sealed end of the straw then cut the straw to the length and seal the end.

 This is what it will looks like

To use the cotton tinder, cut the end off and access the cotton tinder then seal it back again. 

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