Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX Rear Basket

We had been doing many shopping and each time we would need to pack our shopping spree into our bike panniers. Before we would reached our bikes we would need to carry these heavy items along the way. 

size comparison
We have a similar trolley folding basket but that could not fit on our bike, we tried it before and it came loose somehow. We seen Topeak having this item on the selves for few years so finally we decided to get one. 

The design is well taught off and the construction look descent. However we are not please with the plastic roller wheels, it tends to make a lot of sound when travelling on uneven ground. Not sure how long these wheels will last, we would rather they have came with rubber wheels. 

Overall capacity of the basket is 25lts, not really spacious compare to our trolley folding basket. To fit a carton of 12 bottles beer, we would need to tilt the carton side ways to fit it with our basket we can place it flat in. 

Maximum loading is 9kg, I have once transported a 12V battery, not sure the weight of the battery but definitely it more than 9kg. The whole bike was little out of control and it tends to swing side ways. The front wheel feels light and I would have to force my weigh down on the front. This has nothing to do with the basket, the problem is high loading, that means the centre of gravity is high on the bike and that caused it to swing. 

The weight of the basket is around 2200gm, comparing it's smaller size to our bigger basket which is almost similar in weight it's rather heavy.  

Fitting the Trolley Tote Folding Basket needs a little fiddling, not as easy as the MTX bags system. Maybe it is the width of basket that make it hard to sit on the rail but once you get that feel it just slides in easily. 

Overall we would not say it is a very good product but rather decent if you are doing light marketing, definitely not for heavy marketing. We would rather add the side pannier to carry heavy items and the lighter items in the basket just for safety and better control of the bike. It might be a good idea if you have smaller pet and just throw them in the basket however to pay this basket just for pets, you decide. Definitely we can't carry out 20kg dog. 

 lower clip-on to hold the basket wall

 top bracket to secure the folding basket wall in place

 inner latch to secure the side walls of the basket

 plastic roller wheels

 mounting for Topeak rear lightings

 extended handle 

 button to release the handle 

 MTX locking system 

 you can secure a cargo net on these loops 

 if your seat too low, you might have problem for a smaller bike frame

 MTX rail system

 MTX guiding system 

 standing upright 

 in the mid section there is a stand that helps the basket to stand up right in folding or open position

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the review. Did you have to add anything so that it still works with the pannier bags?