Topeak Super Tourist DX Tubular Rack Disc

According to Topeak, they indicated this is one of their strongest rack for heavy duty touring use. We did not get the rack for this reason, we got it because our Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack could not fit the Topeak MTX Quick Track system when the panniers were mounted. We had bought a Topeak Trolley Tote Folding MTX Rear Basket and we needed to change the bike rear rack so that the pannier can be fitted with the MTX Quick Track system.  

Initially when we got this rack was to fit on my steel frame bike but it seems the lower bracket mounting points and the skewer was in the way. The non disc version will probably fit on the steel frame bike so now it ends up on my partner's bike.

The difference between Topeak Super Tourist and Explorer Tubular rack is the addition of lower mounting rails for the panniers. This will prevent the panniers clip-on getting in the way of the MTX Quick Track system. Also there is very marginal weight difference between the Super Tourist and Explorer around 120gm.

Construction is nothing different from the Explorer version. The Super Tourist design is much better as the lower part of the rail has a D-shaped to prevent overloaded panniers squeezing into the wheels.

Price wise, I would say get the Super Tourist as it is very little difference around USD10~USD15 but you definitely you get a better product over the Explorer and you can add MTX Quick Track system with panniers on.

In my point of view, the lower your loading system on the bike makes a big difference on bike handling. With the lower rail in used, we can use the upper rails to carry flat stuff and also there is more room for our panniers when we need to access it. I am thinking of adding additional rails to my Old Man Mountain Rack....lowers the loading CG (centre of gravity) rather an ingenious design

 lower rail for the pannier clip-on

 upper rails for the panniers clip-on

 lower rails pannier system 

MTX Quick Track system with panniers 

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