Cooking Rice Outdoor

Cooking rice might be a nightmare for many outdoor campers. Most of the time they would get the rice burn, this is because most of us failed to understand cooking timing of the rice. The method is rather simple but it is best you do you own trial at home first. 

Rice is best cook before any meals, the reason is that it takes time to cook. Normal cooking time for rice is around 30~45mins depending on grain type. I always use Thai grain as I grew up with it. I do not like starchy rice but rice with a bite and feel and that is why I choose only Thai grains.

Below is my method of cooking rice, you definitely have to do some trials before heading out the trails. Note my method below is for Thai long grains so it varies on different types of grain especially the shorter grains. The correct way would be soaking the grains with water for half hour  to get the fluffiness of the rice but for outdoor we do not have the time. 

For us one cup of rice grains is sufficient for 2 person but for a bigger guy maybe one cup is just right for you. 

Normally we would pack one cup of rice grain in a small bag, this method will make cooking rice much easier, you do not have to worry if you use too much or too little. One bag, one meal

Silica gel bags are normally found in dry food packaging, if you plan to keep the grains for a period of time, these silica will keep the grains dry at all times.

One cup of rice grain is around 150gm (long grain - Thai)

One cup rice grains, 1 cup water. For this Ratio 1:1 as I am using Thai grain.  
If you do not have a measuring cup, Grandmother's method, insert index finger till the surface of the grain, water to add is around 1.5cm of index finger

Place pot with lid on top of the stove and use low flame. 

Boil for around 15 mins till water start to boil and off the flame. DO NOT open the lid but let the rice simmer itself for another 30 mins. 

After 30 mins, rice is ready

Notice there is no burn rice and there is not much rice starch sticking to the pot. This will make cleaning  easier. try to perfect it at home, start with half cup of grain.

Cook rice at home and pack it in container or ZipLoc bags. That save your whole trouble, sometimes we do that in camping trips.

This is another method from this Chef

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