Bike Survival Tool Kit Revamp


In regards to my earlier post on Bike Survival Tools, I have decided to revamp the tools. The reason I am doing that firstly I noticed there were many tools in the bike multi tools were useless, there were only 3 tools I used often, chain cutter, Hex 4 and 5. The rest was basically redundant to me. Secondly the Topeak Hexus Bike Tool failed on me, the tyre lever broke. I like Topeak but somehow most of their stuff do not last. I will post it later about Topeak failure, very disappointing. 

Recently I made a purchased Leatherman Bit Kit and used it to rebuilt a complete bike and it did the job perfectly. So now I am ditching the Topeak Hexus Bike Tool and since I always carry a Leatherman with me and with the addition of the Leatherman Bit Kit it save some weight on the Bike Survival Tool Kit

Items I have added are a 4" adjustable spanner, tyre levers, chain breaker, Leatherman Wave and Bit Kit. The spanner is for the pedal when needed to remove. I might find a lighter option for the chain breaker however this is a very good Shimano Chain Breaker, it will do for now. 
 Tools to replace the crappy Topeak Hexus

You can see the cracked marks on the tyre lever, also you notice the staining on the tools, this are actually rust marks. I had left the tool in the bike saddle pack after a wet MTB ride, a week later it was all rusted. 

 One more item not shown is a spare tube, I have just replaced a tube so will be adding to that later.

The Leatherman Kit will be carried on me at all time, this will also be my personal survival tool. I have taken out one the Leatherman Bit Kit because the tool bits were useless for my need. This setup not only helps me around the bike, with additional tools I can use it for other task. 

I always believed the most important tools for an Engineer is a spanner and multi-tool. When I was an Engine Room Cadet, we were told to carry a spanner at all times and I still do today. Leatherman Wave had served me since 1998, one of my favourite tool.  

 Stanely 4" Spanner fit nicely on the side 

Here is another options if you do not carry the Leatherman Wave, just replace with any multi tool, Hex 4 and 5. I would suggest you check your bike tool sizes needed and replace it accordingly. This will save money buying a Bike Multi Tool and half of the tools you do not use it. The Hex tools can be purchased very cheaply.  

To be honest, the main tools you really need on a bike are pump, tube patch kit, tyre levers, chain breaker and Hex tools. I am adding more because I want all ends covered and not get caught off guard. 

Cheap Hex Tool with various sizes and much lighter or you can opt for better quality which do not round the edges easily and they sell in separate sizes