Our Kitchen Kit

During the days of family backpacking, I would have to prepare meals for the family, those days I had purchased an Outdoor Research Backpacker Kitchen Kit. It comes with these following items and I had added extra forks and spoons for family of 4. These had made backpacking easy, everything was stored in a pack. The whole idea is having lesser item, lesser weight, everything in one place and compact size, this had mde camping a whole lot fun and stress free. 

  • 8 oz. coated pack cloth pouch
  • Zippered mesh exterior compartment
  • Carrying handles and hanging hook
  • Mesh spice rack
  • Delrin rod helps kit maintain its shape while hanging
  • 2 Lexan knives
  • 2 Lexan forks
  • 2 Lexan soup spoons
  • 1 heat-resistant Lexan pancake spatula
  • Can opener
  • Serving spoon
  • Wire whisk
  • Cutting board
  • Scrubber sponge
  • Salt and pepper shaker
  • 2 .5 oz. polycons
  • 2 vials for spices
  • 2 1 oz. round bottles
  • 2 2 oz. round bottles
  • 2 2 oz. oval bottles
  • 2 plain caps
  • 3 squirt tops
  • 14 blank labels for ingredients

This kitchen kit can self DIY, not necessary to buy complete set. Looking at the lists above, you can select the items you wish to add, I would recommend these main items below

    • Knife or Folding Knife
    • Chopping Board (get from Diaso)
    • Peeler (for potatoes)
    • Forks, Spoons and Knives depending on family size  (get from Daiso)
    • Disposable Chopsticks
    • Can Opener  (get from Daiso)
    • Bottle Opener  (get from Daiso)
    • Wine Opener  (get from Daiso)
    • Salt and Pepper Shaker
    • Bottle for Soy Sauce or other seasoning
    • Bottle of Oil
    • Folding Spatula
    • Folding Spoon
    • Tongs (can substitute with disposable chopsticks)
    • Bottle of Soap Detergent for washing  (get from Daiso)
    • Scrubber Sponge  (get from Daiso)
    • Drying Cloth  (get from Daiso)
Once you have these items listed out then only you start looking for storage. If you are RV camping, suggest using a plastic container for it. If backpacking then use a stuff bag but separate the liquid from the hardware. The hardware preferable use Lexan plastic which is lighter and durable. 

Here are some stuff you might want to get, small bottle for soap, oil or soy sauce. GSI salt and pepper shaker, or COGHLANS salt and pepper cover with film case. Yeah... I know these cases are very difficult to find, I have saved it for many years. 

MSR Folding Spatula and Spoon, the wooden spoon is use for scooping rice from Daiso.

If you are car camping, you can setup the kitchen kit using containers, the inner container lid can use as a chopping board. 
 Condiment Container - save those small plastic bottles, they are extremely useful

Hardware Container

This is our Mobile Kitchen Chuck Box, everything is stored in this box which make vehicle camping a breeze. We can cook indoor or outdoor. Highly recommended if you are vehicle camping.


These are our 4 persons backpacking kitchen kit, MSR 3 pieces Duralite Pots and Pan, MSR Dragonfly Stove Set. I used to carry these items when backpacking or car camping with family. The MSR Pots and Pan are Anodised Aluminium which makes it scratch resistance. Over the years of usage, it started to peel. I had been using 3 piece Cookset which was more than enough for family of 4.
Used to own the MSR Stainless Steel Alpine Gourmet Cookset, it was heavy so I traded for Duralite. Now that we are vehicle camping most of the time, the Stainless Steel Cookset is much better choice. 

   This setup is best for car camping, you do not have to bring too many things out.  

 Some of the items not pack yet, will only refill when heading out

Trangia Kettle and Coghlan's fold a cup, lightweight and take up lesser space

 If needed to bring along the kettle, the bowls and cups are carried separately

GSI Lexan Bowl, very durable  

If you prefer to get the complete Kitchen Kit, you might like to look at GSI Outdoor. The other brand is MSR, they do sell individual items. 


Previously this was our 2 person set up using the Sanyo Travel Cooker pot and bowl. Recently I purchased a cheap Stainless Steel Pot, now I have combined my Titanium EPI Solo Pot Set. The Stainless Steel cover was replaced with the Titanium Fry Pan which fits nicely as a cover. This set up gave me 2 Titanium Pots to be used as bowls, Stainless Steel pot for cooking for 2 and the Titanium cover can be used as fry pan. I found a Silicon Mat which can be cut to size and use it as a pot lifter. 
Cheap cook pot cost less than USD3.00, now a new addition our Kitchen Kit, see below Pics

Titanium pots nested inside the cheap stainless steel pot, items included sponge, dry cloth, bottle of soap solution, small bottle of soy sauce, straw of oil, packets of salt and pepper and gas refill adaptor. Every item fitted in the pot nicely and there is still more room.

For spare gas cannister, we can carry extra Iwatani Cassette Gas Cannister and use the gas refill adaptor to refill the Snow Peak 110g cannister.