Leatherman Bit Kit

Since 1998 Leatherman Wave has been my primary work tool. This is a must have everyday survival tool for me. In 2009 the tool broke down and I was given a replacement by Leatherman. The replacement was the second generation Wave which comes with replaceable tool bits, a better design than before. 

I decided to purchase the Leatherman Bit Kit to replace my multi bike tool. The Bit Kit comes in both  Imperial and Metric sizes, in total there are 42 tools, Torx, Hex, Phillips and Flat head screwdriver in different sizes. The American Imperials sizes tool bits are useless as most of the equipment we owned are in Metric sizes. When it first launched I was hesitating as I did not need the imperials sizes. I was hoping Leatherman would sell it separately and that did not happen, finally decided to give in and get it instead from ebay which sold much cheaper compare to Taiwan. 

To decide the effectiveness of the Bit Kit, I had stripped the bike components and installed onto a new bike frame. I am impressed, it carried out the job effectively however common Allen key would do the job better. So far on the bike mostly 4mm and 5mm sizes were used. I must say it is  worth the investment.  

 Both Bit Kits fit nicely in Leatherman Wave Pouch

 All Bits sizes are labelled 

 on the right is the shape of Leatherman Tool Bit, left is the common Allen key shape


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