Survival Darts

After testing out few different kinds of DIY darts, finally settled for one simple method to make it. These darts are normally used with Blowpipe a native hunting tools which is still used around the world. The hunting gear is easy to fashion out, you can use a copper pipe, bamboo or anything that is straight and hollow. The pipe diameter should not be too wide. Blowpipe effectiveness should be at least 1.2m long. However you can try out different length to test it out. The current Blowpipe tested was using Bubble Tea straws, length 60 cm and effective range of 10 metres.

I have other intention that is to construct a compress air gun that can have a range 40 to 50 metres. Still on the drawing board. 

In my survival kit, I have a roll of duct tape and some nails. I carry nails just in case needed to peg the tent down on a tent wooden platform. I can use the nails to make a hunting tool. Now I found that I can make darts with it in matter of seconds.

I first started out making the dart using bamboo skewer and cigarette bud. It did take quite sometime to make one dart. Next I tried using Post-it and nail, it too took sometime but much faster than the bamboo dart. Finally duct tape and nail, it took seconds to have one ready. View the photos below how it was done.  

After testing out all the darts, the Post-it and Duct tape nail darts were more accurate and it sank into the carton box deeper. Maybe is because of the cone shape design which have lesser drag.

Bamboo Dart

Night Glow Post-it Dart 

Duct Tape Nail Dart

after making the cone, place in the Blowpipe, measure and trimmed off excess tape

Annealing Process - making the tip tougher by heating and soaking in water

Straw Blowpipe - Duct tapped the straws together

Warning - this is only intended as a construction guide, not to be used on human or animals unless survival situation. Used at your own risk, CiT will not be liable to any mishap.

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