PureEasy Pocket Water Filter Maintenance and Upgrade

Maintaining any water filter is rather important. Most hand pump water filters comes with couple of O-rings and seals. If these O-rings and seals are not maintained properly, it will loose it properties, start to crack and leak. PureEasy Pocket Water Filter review.

I have upgraded the hoses to black hoses. These hoses can be bought from an aquarium pet shop. Like any clear hoses, in no time algae will start to grow if not kept properly dry and will look unsightly. A black hose will prevent such growth. Algae growth will not affect the water filtration quality, is just that the hose will look ugly. By the way I felt it look better with black hoses.

I have extended the suction hose which was 70cm long, to 100cm long so that I can have the suction hose at a further cleaner water source. The delivery hose was 27cm long and now it is 40cm long to fit on the Platypus water bottle when set on the ground.  

I have also replaced the existing stuff sack to a self DIY breathable stuff sack. This will allow the wet filter for quick drying. 

The filter scrubbing sandpaper was replaced with a small piece of Scotch scouring pad, this pad will last longer compared to the supplied sandpaper. 

I found a method to fill up hydration bag without removing from the backpack. Not sure it will work, will try it out one day. Also made an improvised soda bottle cap to fit the Platypus water bottle for filling.

Always remove hoses and filter to dry after each trip
 once dry lubricate the oil rings

Place some lubrication on the filter housing so that it will oil the filter seal
Replace filter sandpaper to Scotch Souring Pad

Hose Replacement and Modification
1 meter extended black suction hose

 Hydration pack refilling method

 Soda bottle adaptor for Platypus water bottle 

Used bike inner tube band to secure the hoses in place

 DIY quick drying stuff sack from REI tent foot print stuff sack

Packed in stuff sack with single slide knot
Pre-Filter Upgrade
During the last camping trip we had to use water for a highly sediment river. Ended cleaning the filter element couple of times. Filter water is not difficult only if the filter element is not clogged up.

A Fan had suggested to add a pre-filter on the strainer. Check our MSR MiniWorks Filter and it had a sponge. Took the sponge from the dish washing pad and cut a piece out. Secure will steel wire, could use band too. 

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