Window Farming - Watering System

I tried few methods of watering system and finally found the best way of doing it with less material used. On Window Farming website, you can find many post but they did not explain the system clearly. So now I will show you how my was done. 

There are few types of watering systems, being popular is the Air Lift System. I did tested it out but found the T-Lift system was better. But somehow this system has a problem, bubbles kept going into the water reservoir however found a solution to the problem.

  • Water Reservoir Construction
  • T-Lift System

Water Reservoir Construction
Tested out few methods and found using a bike inner tube valve was better, no hot glue or anything. Just screw the nut tight but will have to removed the inner valve.  

  • 2lts Soda Bottle, 
  • Presta Valve 

 Hot glued air hose tube and adaptor did not seal properly, slight movement and it leaks.

Added a rope on the bottle neck and a hook so I can hang the reservoir

T-Lift System 
This system works like an Eductor, using high volume of air to suck the water. When installing this system the reservoir must be above the T-Joint and the air pump must be above the reservoir otherwise water will flow to the pump or the air can't push the water up. Below I have drawn up a system for easy reference. 

One problem encounter in this system, sometimes air seems to get into the water reservoir. Found the solution by adding a check valve and the problem vanishes. 

Currently I am using this system for double row PET Window units, one problem observed, the first row always gets more water than the other. Solution, took a copper wire and narrow the drip hose on the first PET units. Will install few more rows and see if this system works effectively. 

When connecting the T-Joint, the center part connects to the water reservoir so that the air can flow straight and act like an eductor. 

All this material can be purchased from the pet shop. For T-joint I cut one end and melt it so I can either make a straight or elbow joint. No need to buy different kinds of joints. 

First time I did not realise there were black air hose in the market, so now I am using black air hose to prevent algae growth. But it takes the fun out of it as you can't see the water flowing in the hose.

  • 5 meters 6mm air hose (NT60)
  • air pump 2.5watt (NT340)
  • check valve (NT40)
  • T-joints (NT20 6pcs)

Tried using the small little 5V water pump but could not lift the water up

Controllable Air Pump

Check Valve

Water and Air flow

Double row drip system

Drain hose, water from PET units get recycled

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