Royce DM-300 Rotary Power Tool.

My childhood dream tool, I use to do a lot of Tamiya plastic modelling, having such tool was perfect for my hobby. Those days these tools were very expensive. Finally I got my hands on one such tool, no more plastic modelling but plenty of DIY and repair use. 

I have been using it for couple of weeks and found it extremely useful. Mostly use it for grinding, polishing and cutting.

This rotary tool is similar to Dremel except it is much cheaper and made in China. It can fit almost all Dremel accessories. Another beauty of this tool, you can use 110V or 220V 50~60Hz.
Similar to Dremel, it rans on ball bearings and the long lasting motor brushes are replaceable.

The box itself came with a set of engravers, spindle wrench and spare motor brushes. Instruction manual is in English. I ordered additional Flex shaft attachment and a box of different accessories bits.

If like to know types of grinding stone uses try this post, too long for me to write it all down. I probally do it another day.

I have not use the Flex shaft attachment yet. Mostly it is handy to use on any engraving work. Below are few pics how the flex shaft is attached to the power tool. Using this arrangement, you will need the hang the power tool so that the Flex Shaft works better.

So far I have not use it to max setting 3/4 setting was good enough for most of my work

Metal griding


Not so good, found another method instead of using these steel brushes


Using the tool is rather easy, however few precautions need to be taken, use hand gloves, eye protection  and dust musk. I added a ball cap so that my hair is not filled with dust particles. When using such tool, do not force it on the surface, just let it glide over it gently otherwise the RPM of the rotary tool falls. -->