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she was our lady rider, only 1.5m tall and owns a Harley Davidson 883 Sportser that give you the orgasm through it's vibration. I meant the bike... This pic was my bike
From my last posting on Personal Road Safety Awareness, today's News 2 school girls on a  scooter accident resulting in one death. Now the Government is proposing to have 50cc doing practical lessons for exam. I totally agreed with this idea. I am concerned because I do not wish to see these untrained idiotic riders on the road and causing accidents to my family members or friends. 

On this related research in 2007 on Taiwan's Traffic accident, the age group between 15-24 was the highest and motors bikes were one of the highest numbers in the accident. Why was it so?? Answer is there, no proper training and kids at those age are very careless. You can find the PDF info Here.

I just like to share, I am glad that both my driving and riding skills were well taught to me by trained instructors. These school Instructors were first trained by Japanese Instructors and they also assisted in setting up proper training school and packages. Taiwan road training school looks really miserable, not sure elsewhere but the training school near our place was really shabby. Taiwan is a first World Country but the traffic condition is the same as third world. No proper traffic policeman in a city and even the police themselves breaking the traffic law. 

How I was Trained
When we were 10 year old kids, our school would bring us to Road Safety Park, some would be drivers on 4 wheel carts, others would be on bicycles as motorbikes and some as pedestrians. Everyone of us had to take part in all 3 roles and later graded.    

It took me 1 year to get a driving licence, well it can be done in half a year, I took my own sweet time because I love riding and my boss insisted. For my bike, it took 3 years to get an unlimited capacity bike license. First year bike max capacity was 200cc, next year if no traffic offence then I was allowed to take bike up to 400cc exam. Lastly same with no traffic offence, unlimited capacity exam. All practical exams have to undergo required hours of training and needed to pass a practical mock exam before the actual exam.

In the Navy, all bikers had to attend a defensive bike training course. The reason was simple, they were trying to cut down man hours losses due to Navy crews on their way to work or back  meeting in an accidents. Smart move isn't it? 

My final training was riding off-road, learning Body English, it is a technique how we use our body react to the bike in different conditions. The number of crashes was 10 times more than road ridings. At least off-road biking we were fully geared but not on everyday roads. With all those crashes and falls during off-road, it enhanced my riding skills on the road, one skill was learnt very to roll on a fall.
He was our Off-road Guru, 60 plus of age, Armstrong previously in his younger days was a motocross racer. These 2 friends were also his students.

this photos was from my first race, rode 400km to race and 400km back on the same day.  Two crashes and destroyed one rider's bike rim. The day's trophy was a bent handlebar from the crashed and had to ride all the way back home in that condition. One thing I learnt in that race, bike capacity and strokes do not matters, I was put in a 2-stroke 250cc class and my bike was a 4-stroke 250cc. Out of 10 riders I was the 6th rider to fall out in that race. That made me 5th position :p. The whole race track was tailored more to 125cc, my bike capacity was equivalent to a 125cc 2-stroke. 

In another words, Taiwan roads do not have capacity for big bikes, you can only cruise at the set speed limits and the roads are tight, a 650cc bike is more than enough for the roads here. Any bigger capacity bikes is just a showcase. 

One any 2-wheels, my philosophy is simple, you need to crash in order to learn, so learn to crash in a safer manner. Same way as I taught my kids.

There are only 2 kinds of road accidents, being too blind, not checking blind spots and ended up someone kisses you. The other is being a F1 racer with no proper training. I have done many crazy things in my younger days such as racing in a total jammed packed traffic. I have even raced with a car, kicked and dented his side door. The worst scenario I had raced with a car and had his front totally smashed by deliberately allowing him to kiss my car ass. In the end he had to pay for my damages. Those day I used to take down road rouges but I can only say do not do that, I was lucky and got away. Just let these idiots die and burn to death. One idiot's death another bowl of rice saved. If you understand what I meant.

I was on a 650cc racing with the almighty Hyabusa 1300cc on this narrow road.  On this 70km/h road with all the windings and bridges, you can only go max 140km/h which I maintained and the Hyabusa did 180km/h.   Guess who was the winner. The Hyabusa ended with a broken  crankcase, side pedal and a broken toe. In another words, big capacity bikes dun always win. Smaller bikes with proper training can win. Its is not about wining, it is all about having proper skills, knowledge and understanding road conditions. 
This was how we learnt narrow plank riding. Not simply by riding across but staying as long as possible for a said timing before we were allowed to pass one part of the exam. Here's a vid on how it was done. We learnt Body English, clutch control and braking. 

In this video was how we were trained on high speed cornering. The idea of this training was not about speed but your quick reflexes and reaction during emergency.

There were many trainings we did, it did help us to be a better rider. Another tip on 2 wheels, never use your front brake first. Allow rear brake sliding and you will have better control with Body English. Front braking in most condition will sent you kissing the ground unless you know how to control.

There are certain limits to the machine we play or used, if you do not understand these limits, better stay out of it. Any machine that you use, you must be part of the machine. Failure to understand and pushing it to the limit is your own consequences.

Anyway, I am tired of telling everyone on their safety, you think for yourself and family. Do you want these idiots to hurt your family?

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