Personal Road Safety Awareness

As an ex-safety instructor, I am now tired of educating people on safety matters. People simply finds it too hard to digest this education. Living elsewhere or in Taiwan, my philosophy is simple, I rather bang the tree myself and not someone kissing my ass. At least I knew what was coming. Many casualties on the road were due to lack of awareness, reading the signs of trouble or personal safety awareness.   

Around our city Kaohsiung, we inherited a 50cc Scooter from my partner's late father. We hardly ride the scooter but if we did, I followed my principle of road traffic education. I will try as much to avoid riding on pedestrian pavement and definitely not against the traffic. No right turn even the traffic sign is RED.

My personal protection, I deliberately bought a helmet to suit my requirement. This is not the safest helmet but I have instructed how I wanted. My helmet is a semi full face comes with a visor sun shade and visor for rain. The helmet was sent back to the factory because I did not want a clip-on chin strap. I have instructed that I wanted a D-Ring chin strap.  I am a my head is worth more than this helmet. 

Another eduction I tried to teach my partner is to turn ON the headlamp when riding even in the day time, as a rider we are small, by switching on the headlamp in the day time, you will provide awareness to others and safety to ourself. 

As a 2 wheelers since birth, I have dared and I have challenged my faith, riding at 260km/h and flying in the air. Today I am done, around the city I do not even ride above 50km/h. Why...I am simply not well protected. You choose your faith but what I have said hope you understood.

2 piece rain gears is better than a single poncho rain gear. The brighter you are the safer you will be. There was an article few years ago in Taiwan where a girl's disposable rain poncho got hook to a car and lost her life...Too bad I can't find the YouTube vid link anymore.

Custom helmet with D-ring chin strap and self added reflector strip. Chin strap must always be under the Chin.

How high do you want to fly?? Is your life worth risking? 
Perfected this jump after 2 weeks training. Furtherest was a 20ft jump 

Tips for Bicycle or Motorised Bike
  • Never put 4 fingers on the brakes. (2 or 1 is enough if you see my above pics)
  • Learn Body English on the bike that is counter balance.
  • Ride with a crab elbow (to take shock from the road)
  • Stand if you are not on uneven ground esp downhill.
  • lean back if you are downhill
  • Chin above the handlebar if planning for a jump
  • legs are shock absorbers
  • fast bike ride ahead of traffic
  • slow bike stay as far back from traffic
  •  try off-road riding, you will learn 2 Wheelers control from there. Road riding teaches nothing.
  • machine and soul must be one, the brain reacts to the machine.
  • If you want to jump, start learning the Sag on the bike
  • understand tire pressure on different terrain 
  • read traffic condition constantly 
  • see your rear mirror constantly
I have never had anyone kissing me except myself kissing 3 trees and broke a collar bone. (training for a race).

mind, body and machine
 Inherited from him, our late father
me and my younger sister off-road, she was on a Honda 650NX Dominator. We were a family of 2 Wheelers till MTB days and still riding on 2 Wheels
That was how I got started. The adventure of 2-Wheelers

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