Outdoor Lifestyle

One thing in my life I was very glad is that I have inspired all my family members to adapt to my life style. I have shared with them ideas and outdoor plannings. Those days my Son would suggest "can we go off-road biking in Mandai". An eight year old gave me this suggestion?!! What did I do to inspire him? 

I have taught my partner from a trolley bag tourist to become a backpacker. It made outdoor activities much fun. In a way I still have to be the Point Man, planning, navigating and looking out for their safety. All these can be done if you do your homework correctly. 

Do not give excuses to yourself, you are old or do not have the energy or time etc. You are still the Master of the house or your home, it's you yourself how you want your family to be. Either you do it or screw it.    

Com'on...city life simply sux, only the beggars would appreciate. Most of us are city dwellers, haven't you seen enough? Eaten the finest? Dun bring your city life style to outdoor, you simply kill the sense of teaching your family members about outdoor life style. 

Snow Peak, Toothpick or any dick...this is not the way you teach camping to your family members. Camping is not about having the best gears, if you say is for gathering than I have nothing to say...I will challenge anyone to have the cheapest DIY camping gears and in a way it still teaches the family about camping. Name your price and I will see to it.