BeiDaWuShan 北大武山 Guide

photo from Taiwan Recreation Forest
BeiDaWuShan ranked 139 highest mountains in Taiwan is located in Pintung County. Standing at the height of 3092m is one the most hiked mountain in Southern Taiwan. Many locals and foreigners have scaled this mountain and mostly were rewarded with a beautiful Sea of Clouds view. However there are a handful of locals would scale this mountain to GuiYu Cabin  every weekend just to have Chinese tea or lunch and they would hiked back down the same day. 

After the destruction of Marokot Typhoon in 8 Aug 2009, many had wonder if the trail to BeiDaWuShan is still open. The answer is YES. Thanks to a handful of hikers who had explored the trail just after the disaster. One typical hiker is Bruce who had scaled this mountain many times. You can find his Blog Post Here. It was through his blog I soon realised that we would have to do another extra 5km hike to the trail head. The road to the trail head is no longer passable by car but by foot, they have found a detour and currently many hikers use this detour. View trail map below.

Since Sep 2012, Beidawu Shan trail and lodge has been renovated and repaired. Currently the Lodge can house 42 Hikers so now using the GuiYu Lodge needs application. This can be arranged by Online Application, this is the site for Lodge application to Jiaming Lake Lodge, GuiYu Lodge, 99 Lodge and lastly Police Mountain Entry Permit. Lodge application would required 7 days advance to 45 days. You would need to create an account first before application, unlike Yushan website, sadly there is no English version. Here are the Application Regulations but it is in Mandarin. There is no English version so try Goggle Translate. 

Another option is that you can just apply Police Mountain Entry Permit and camp outside GuiYu Lodge. You can also apply Police Mountain Entry Permit in person at Taiwu Township ZhongXiao Local Police Station 忠孝派出所. It is best you download this Permit Application Form first which is in Mandarin and ask your local friend to assist in filling the Form up. 

If you have further enquiry, try calling Pingtung Forestry Department 08-7236941 ext 303、306

Trail info

  • From the Police Station to the New Trail Head is around is 5.4km (passable by car)
  • From New Trail Head (1st carpark) to Original Trail Head is 4km (landslide section)
  • Original Trail (3rd carpark) to GuiYu Lodge is 4.2km
  • GuiYu Lodge to Beidawu Shan Summit is 4.7km

Estimated Timing 
New Trail Head to Original Trailhead 3 hours

Original Trailhead to GuiYu Lodge 3 to 4 hours
GuiYu Lodge to Summit 5.5 to 6 hours
Slow Hiker add another 1 to 1.5 hours

From the New Trailhead to Original Trailhead, there are some tricky intersections you need to take. Suggest you digest this Blog Post photos. 

This trail is best scheduled for 3 days climb if possible. Unless you like to wake up 1am from the lodge which many do and start scaling the Summit for a Sun rise view. That can be done in 2 days and you should be back at the New Trail Head around 4pm. That means you will have to spend 14 ~15 hours eyes wide open and if you have to drive back home, not a wise idea unless there is a chauffeur. 

For the first day, hiking to lodge will be quite a distance around 8km. Second day climb to Summit suggest bring an extra smaller pack and leave the main backpack in the lodge. Remember to bring warm and rain gears.

There are 2 popular hikers there, there is an old man who claimed he had climbed the mountain 387 times till this day, heard that he always wears a red hat and there is a black dog who does the same. Hope you get to meet this 2 Superstars.

Good Luck!!


  1. Thank you for the detailed information about this hike. It was one of my best hikes ever.
    But I have two things to add:

    1. You cannot apply for the permit at the police station shown at your adventure map. We went up there and had to drive down to again to apply. The google maps coordinates are: 22.577787,120.632345

    2. A one day hike is quite possible if you start early and do not mind using a headlight for the trip back. Although you need good physical strength and stamina and keep a constant pace of 2km per hour.
    So if you start at seven you would be up there at about 14:00. If you plan to stay up there for one hour you should be back at 20:00.
    Unfortunately due to rain and the delay I could not make it to the top and decided to turn around about 500 meters before I reached the summit.

    1. GD Daniel,

      Thank you for your kind input. We will make amendment to the coordinates. Glad that u made this hike. Cheers

  2. Hi guys! The post is pretty old now, but I'm going to Taiwan end of Jan. I plan to hike this part of the island.Could you tell me more about the permit? How much it coast then where exactly to get it? Do I need to pay a guide or can I walk by myself? Cheers.