Battery Survival

To common people, many think when the vehicle battery is flat, we can jump start and all is OK. But many do not know that when the vehicle battery voltage falls below 11.9V at anytime, the battery is deteriorating. At this point of time charging the battery will not help to regain back it original health, you are probably using the battery 75% or less capacity and in no time the battery have to be renewed. 

I have just received a Pulse Battery Charger and trying it out, I really hope this new tech can help us save money and the environment. I got it because our BOV battery is constantly flat and we suspected the battery life span is deteriorating. Also we have 3 numbers of 12V batteries to maintain.

The reason why till now we did not know this new technology even my electrical professor relative who is teaching in a University is simply because this technology will bring down the big boys just like free energy and the oil companies. Example Nikola Tesla and JP Morgan.

The truth...if one day we do not have oil but we have batteries with pro-long life. We still can live in the same comfort zone. The problem with batteries, they have a life span, so I do hope my new gadget I can save my batteries and prolong their life span. We are still in the test stage, will update later.

The above photo is what we called a Baghdad Battery dated more than 2000 years ago. If people those days had used these batteries and today after 2000 years we are doing the same, shouldn't we be more concerned about batteries in our lives. Today we are using all kinds of batteries to fit our comfort zone. 

In my book of survival especially with our BOV, today's world is not about oil but batteries, no oil we can still cycle and batteries will still provide lightings and many household stuff using an Inverter to convert it to 110V or 220V. We can use wind turbine, solar or Sterling engine to charge these batteries or some other methods. This is another high tech way of harvesting free energy worth considering and prepare ourselves when the melt down Terranova.

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